LED Interior Light Upgrade & More

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Ft Worth, TX after finishing my RV training for my franchise. I’m happy to report that I passed with a 97% only missing 1 question about bonded RV walls. I was technically right, but it was worded goofy & I got it wrong. I’ll live, I guess.

It occurred to me that I had the afternoon to kill as I’m paid up through tonight (Friday) & I can’t get a refund for tonight (since I booked it through a 3rd party online), so I have the afternoon to kill. So I’m going to work on getting you guys up to speed for a little bit, & then go catch a matinee. The last time I was in a theater was in February.

We’ll start with the headline. I Upgraded the interior lights to LED, & boy howdy do I like them. I can actually see stuff in the car at night now. This comes in handy for people living in the North as the sun sets at about 5pm in the Boise winters. I updated the TSX & some of The Princesses RDX Bulbs as well.20160924_16511620160924_165158

I bought my lights through a company called “Precision LED“. After doing some research, I found these guys had some good reviews, a warranty & installation tools. But more importantly, an instructional How To video.

The How-To video is what sealed the deal for me. These guys took the time to make a pretty professional instructional video, that ensured that: I wouldn’t be breaking crap trying to install the lights, & more importantly to me, saved me the time it would have taken to figure out how to get the lenses out of the way so I wouldn’t break anything.  Especially the courtesy door lights! Great tip!

Not only do they have a good product, they also have excellent customer service. In my TSX kit, the wrong vanity lights were in the kit. I contacted them, explained the situation, sent them a pic of what I needed next to what they sent me. A few days later I got the correct bulbs (at no additional charge or shipping) popped them in & love them. After a very small delay in the overall experience (nobodies perfect & slip ups happen time to time. But it’s how a company handles their slip ups is how I rate a company) I love my new lights & give the company an overall 5-Star rating. They have light kits for all kinds of vehicles, so if you’re in the market for LED’s, check them out.


Before I hit the road for Texas, I decided to get some new tire a little early, just in case. My current set at the time was down to about 2-3/32nds tread. Basically it’s last legs. Since I get asked so often about tires, I decided to let you guys know what I’m running this year…20161026_102822

So far I’m liking them, but the real test will be in the next few months in the rain & snow. These tires had some pretty good ratings on tirerack.com, So we shall see. I’ll try to remember to update on how they did in the spring.


Shout out to “Mo” from Ohio for suggesting the wiper upgrade. I swapped out the regular wiper blades with some off of a 2nd Gen (2014) TSX. They are quieter & I like the way they look much better.  Thanks Mo!

Rainy Day Pics

I had to run out to Bellevue to see a vehicle that hit a deer & I stopped to take a few pics that I thought came out pretty good. Some of these are in my Wallpaper folder now…enjoy.20161028_091437 20161028_091653 20161028_094421 20161028_094519 20161028_123238 20161028_124621 20161028_125008 20161028_131157 20161028_131353

2017 NSX

As most of you know, I’ve been going to Lyle Pearson Acura in Boise for 99% of my needed maintenance. During this time, & I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point it stopped being “Gotta take the car in for service again”, but instead it became going to visit friends. When you have friends at the dealer, when the stars align & something BIG happens, you get a text with no message. Just a single picture that needs no message.

On Nov 1st, 12:25pm, I was texted this one picture from my service manager:img_51191

Needless to say, I dropped my phone trying to hit the call button too fast. After it had gone thru the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process, I was taken for a ride along in this incredible car. It was a lot of Firsts for me. It was the first time I’ve seen one in person, the first time I’ve ridden in a supercar that had a similar value to a house (I’ve been in a Countach & a Ferrari, but never driven or ridden in them). I’ve driven the original NSX & a early model Viper, but this car was almost as enjoyable from even the passenger seat. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually drive it. It would probably scare the hell out of me.20161103_115151

Just in case you didn’t know, Acura actually designed the look of the NSX motor with inspiration from the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future.


I did a quick video of the inside. You’ve likely seen pictures & other videos on the interior. But I just couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to document me being in this car!

I hope everyone is well & appreciate you stopping by. Next post will be the 3,000 miles round trip to Ft, Worth TX for the above mentioned RV Training. Soon you again soon!

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14 Responses to LED Interior Light Upgrade & More

  1. Carlos says:

    Looking good. And that NSX is nice too. 😉

  2. Mo says:

    Very nice Josh 😉 . Enjoy the wiper upgrade! Now if you could only roll that NSX over 500,000…..

  3. tysonhugie says:

    Great upgrades for the TSX! I’m sure other TSX folks will appreciate the feedback on LEDs and tires. It’s your seasonal tradition to put new treads on the car. I agree that the NSX seats hug you in all the right places. Glad you got to go for a ride! Now, I need to go google what Bonded RV Walls are in case that question ever comes up in life. Safe travels home from TX.

  4. pawela says:

    Love. These. Picture! Those LEDs sure make a difference, don’t they? Safe travels home!

  5. Shaubhik says:

    I just saw a new NSX last night, was really surprised, as it was in a college town. I am about to hit 265k on my Civic Coupe (08).

  6. Midnight Mystery says:

    Nice!!! I like the LED upgrade, and such….

    Was the NSX fast to you? I know, silly question…

    I’m a fan of Dallas, TX, so I hope Ft. Worth was “worth” the visit for you… Haha, I hope you had a good time….

  7. Carlos says:

    The Tsx did not have a Type S version right? I believe that is a mistake in the video. only the TL had a Type S version.

  8. Anthony says:

    What temperature lights did you get? I’m torn which to order!!

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