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500,000 Miles & My First Road Trip!

So, have I hit 500,000 miles on my 2005 Acura TSX you ask?    As a matter of fact… NAILED IT!!! 6/25/16 around 4:45pm approximately 1.2 miles from my house in Kuna, ID it finally happened. I’d like to take this … Continue reading

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500 Miles To Go & The Green Monster

Wasn’t going to post a 500, but got an email today I wanted to share & figured, Why Not? When your Acura Service Manager has a better life than you… The jealousy is REAL. 500 to go! See you … Continue reading

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1,000 Miles To Go, & The Surprise Prize.

So Here we are with the moment of triumph right around the corner. Giddy? Mmmm, YES. I’m week three into bachelorhood, & it has not been fun, or kind. Princess & Little Man will be heading home around July 1st … Continue reading

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2,000 Miles To Go & Niagara Springs

OK, Yeah. I know. I blew it on the odometer picture by 3 lousy miles. But I have a good excuse. I was looking for this… I had an inspection out in Castleford, ID this morning (not far from the … Continue reading

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