Acura’s 31st Anniversary Video & More

Can you believe we’re halfway thru March already! With time flying by so fast, we’ll jump right in!20170222_141236

As most Acura enthusiasts know, March is Acura’s anniversary month. Last year  I produced a short video with friend & fellow Acura enthusiast Tyson Hugie of drivetofive fame, called Dueling Acuras featuring my TSX & Tyson’s 94 Legend coupe (which is now over 550,000 miles! I enjoyed making that video very much & wanted to do another one. This time I wanted to work with more Acura fans & from all over the country.

The following video is the result of several Acura owners contributing photos & video to make this happen. The end result is a fun 4 minute celebration of our cars & love of the Acura brand.

There was some confusion by some that all the Acura’s in the video were all members of the 500k mile club. There are actually only two, mine & Tyson’s 94 Legend Coupe. With luck, all the others will also join the 500k club one day.

Maintenance Update

I recently had the 530k oil change preformed & also replaced the last coil pack.


Coming up really soon is the Torque Converter Seal replacement. It’s a biggie! Parts aren’t bad at all, but it’s the labor that will kill me! But as you can see, it’s not real pretty & needs attention…20170220_092237

I could also go for a new splash shield. You can’t see it in this picture, but the opposite corner is barely hanging on. Chris had to put an extra washer on just to keep it in place. What you can tell by the looks of the splash shield, is that the 530,000 miles on my car are not always easy miles. True, I drive a lot of freeway, but I also drive lots of dirt roads, mountain roads, snow, ice, mud… just about any condition you can think of, Idaho has it to offer & this old TSX has been thru it!

New Focus20170222_142036

Believe it or not, I have been running this blog for about 3&1/2 years now! I’ve met some wonderful people during this time & will continue to keep it going, so don’t worry. But I’ve found that I really enjoy doing the videos a lot more. The videos are a lot more work for sure, so maybe that is why they are so much more satisfying when they are done. I’ve been thinking about turning the blog into more of a maintenance and mileage journal & focusing more of the “Meat & Potatoes”on my YouTube channel. Most people seem to enjoy the visual side a lot more than having to sit and read thru everything. The YouTube channel is easily getting 10 x the traffic as my blog site & it’s a lot faster & easier for my followers as well, especially once they subscribe.

What are your thoughts? Remember, I’m keeping the blog going, just simplifying it, but would you like to see more videos? Sound off in the comments.

That’s all for now. Short & sweet. I have to finish my taxes to give “The Man” his cut.

Hope everyone is doing well! As always, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by my little sliver of the internet.

Drive safe.20170318_112454









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17 Responses to Acura’s 31st Anniversary Video & More

  1. Mo says:

    How much will that seal set you back? Wonder if there’s any preventative part replacement while that is being realised you could do? Loved the video!

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks Mo. It’s going to cost around $1,300+. It’s almost all labor because you have to drop the drive train. I’ll also be doing the main seal while it’s down.

  2. Mo says:

    And the videos are great Josh! Especially the ones at the dealer while it’s being serviced

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks again Mo. I’ll be looking for suggestions on what you guys would like to see. Want to keep the content relevant for the ones taking the time to tune it.

  3. Cool post! I like the videos (I actually watched the 500,000 walk around a few times), but at heart I’m a reader, and I enjoy the blog. I also think the blog is a better way to showcase your photo skills as well. That said, it’s obviously your choice, so do whatever makes you happy!

  4. tysonhugie says:

    This project was a fun collaboration! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it. As for the video vs. blog – you’re a great writer and as Tim said, you also take great pics. I wouldn’t nix the written word entirely. Maybe just create a balance. 70% video, 30% written accounts. A blog post once a month or so should cover it. It also make a nice searchable archive especially for things like the pics we need to dig up from time to time, your maintenance history, etc.

  5. Carlos says:

    Hello Josh.

    Is the transmission leaking transmission fluid? The torque converter is part of the automatic transmission right?

    • clymerdude says:

      I believe you are right Carlos. It may also be the main seal. Engine to transmission. The guys at the dealer have been referring to it as the torque converter seal. Any way you slice it, it needs to get handled. How’s FL?

  6. Love it all. Keep up the work!

  7. Carlos says:

    What would happen if you do not change the seal and just add oil when it is low? Adding oil would be a lot cheaper. It looks like a slow leak.

    I am also reluctant to change seals after experience I had with my TSX in another area. It used to have a small leak at power steering pump. I changed seal at power steering pump. This stopped leak but then immediately thereafter, the power steering rack (pressumably because of added pressure after replacing the other seal) broke. Power steering fluid started leaking (gushing is better word) out. I had to replace rack. That was huge repair.

    If the leak is slow, my advice would be to just add oil. Don’t replace any seals. Just monitor the oil levels and see the degree of leakage.

    Florida is great by the way 😉


  8. Brad Heffran says:

    Cool video! I also really like the last pic with the TSX in that canyon area. It would be nice if you could keep at least some narrative in posts even if you move more in the video direction. There’s something to be said for reading a story.

  9. pawela says:

    Josh, your video skills are certainly second to none in my book. I loved this one! Regarding your new focus, I’ve really enjoyed the visuals and your writing. More videos are certainly welcomed too. I’d say mix it up and a ratio like Tyson mentioned should keep this alive and exciting. Either way, looking forward to your future content. Cheers!

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