Going Out with a Bang!

I have mixed emotions writing this post. Thrilled, because I’m going to share a “Once in a Lifetime” event, & a little sad, because this will be my last blog post. But 1st, we’ll talk about the fun stuff.IMG_20180126_151553_110

Over a year & a half ago, I was talking to my buddy Tyson. We were talking cars, like we always do, & something popped into my head, like it always does, & I said, “What if we coordinated rolling 555,555.5 miles on our cars at the same place & time?” And then there was silence. Had anybody ever done something like that before? Quite a feat, for sure, but could it even be done? We live almost 1,000 miles apart. Where would we do it? When would we do it? The questions starting coming fast as we both started to really think about it.37616311901_33a8631b4f_o

That’s how it all started & from then, to Oct of 2017, we planned it out. “Insane” you say? You Betcha! But what else are we gonna do with life? Just work? HA! NOPE! There’s nothing wrong with a little insanity once in a while. It’s what keeps us feeling young & shakes things up.37567503276_232040aaa9_o

We decided on St. George, Utah for the big event. Tyson got to his stopping point well before I did. He was most of the way already, but it was fine as he was able to park his Legend Coupe & drive his multitude of other transports. Me? Well, I was the little engine that could. I just kept plowing along, until one day, my odometer arrived at such a number that I had to stop. Neither of us could risk going over. We had to calculate our routes (mine from Boise & Tyson from Phoenix) & give ourselves a little cushion. We didn’t want to have to flatbed our cars half way to St. George because we weren’t paying attention!37616298131_e9f5a91c04_o

Neither of us had a lot of time off for this, so we had to do it over a weekend, & it worked out beautifully! Well, for me at least, because the weekend we had scheduled was right when I was hitting my mileage limit. Major score! I broke it up into a 2 day drive down. It was probably the most stressful drive of my life! Thankfully, I made it down safely & without incident. But the stress was not over, not by a long shot! We had just one day to do the shoot & we had only one shot to get it right.36945426363_19d90f41d5_o

I had purchased a couple extra cameras & other gear for the event, then failed miserably in getting them set up correctly, which resulted in most of the footage looking like garbage. Luckily, Tyson & myself are not the only crazy people out there. We had a friend drive over from New Mexico to be part of the event! Another from somewhere in Utah. We also had a couple friends from Arizona drive up & even an extremely dedicated friend fly in from New York! Plus, some of Tysons family were there to contribute as well. So, we had plenty of hands to make the load lite, & for that I’m extremely grateful!IMG_9634

The following video is the fruit of our labor & the extend of our maniacal mileage sickness. Enjoy!


The 2nd half of this post is basically a sign off of sorts. It’s hard to believe my first post was almost 4 & a half years ago! I’ve enjoyed keeping this blog over the years, but if I’m being honest, I’m not much of a writer. At least I don’t feel like I am. Maintaining this blog has been a lot of work for me, on top of being a husband, father, business owner, etc… & I just haven’t had the time for it as anybody who has stopped by lately has noticed. Updates in 2017 have been far & few between. So sadly, I’ve decided to hang it up. This will most likely be my last post. It costs me $100 a year to keep this site open & I think it runs it’s course in Aug. If I can remember, I’ll be canceling the autopay for this site. I’m not sure what will happen to it when the money stops coming in, it may disappear into cyber space, or it may stay up for a while. I have no idea. But I’m not leaving completely. In the time it takes to update this blog, I can edit a video, which I enjoy immensely more. The videos also get 10 times the traffic as this blog does. So I’ve decided to focus more time on my Youtube channels – TSX Travels & NSX Experiment . Did I mention I bought a 2000 NSX?20171016_203630

The TSX channel will be updated once a month or two. I’m going to try to post a video every time I get an oil change after every 5,000 miles for a quick update on what going on with the car, maintenance needed & anything of interest. I also still have half a dozen other videos that need to get wrapped up as well. So at least my dedicated readers can up to date on how the car is doing.

The NSX channel is a little different. I’m updating that every Sunday & documenting the process of owning the car & trying to build a following on YouTube, hence the name NSX Experiment.

If you prefer the written word, please forgive me. I appreciate everyone who has stopped by over the years, the comments, the contributions & the mutual love of cars.

I wish everyone the best & also invite you to keep tabs on me thru my YouTube channels.

Keep safe, stay well, & go put some miles on that thing!

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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20 Responses to Going Out with a Bang!

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Josh, I loved your comment “maniacal mileage sickness”! Sums up the huge mileage that you and Tyson have both done in your cars. It’ll be sad to see the blog disappear, but hey, at least we can keep tabs on you via YouTube. I assume you’ll still continue to post some of your epic car/scenery photos & mileage update images on Facebook too? Thanks for the good reading over the years & keep racking those miles up on the TSX. Cheers Adam.

  2. tysonhugie says:

    It’s a happy / sad day. I get it! Have to prioritize. Looking forward to seeing how your YouTube channels evolve.

  3. tysonhugie says:

    That NSX shot in Stanley along the river though. Drooooool.

  4. Carlos says:

    Oh man. I am going to miss this blog. 😟 I have enjoyed reading it immensely throughout the years. You have shown other drivers just what this car is capable of. It is incredible that you have accumulated 565,000 total miles on your car. I hope to get 250,000 miles out of mine but I only drive it about 12,000 miles a year. I am at 157,000 right now.

    As you know, I also have a 2005 Acura TSX with navigation. Oh yeah, it is also premium white pearl. So you could understand that everytime I see your car on the blog, I see my car. They are identical. Like I said, I will miss this blog. Take care Josh. Carlos

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks Carlos, & thanks for following along all these years. The invite for an Idaho Road trip is still open buddy. Reach out anytime you want to see some mountain roads!

  5. Donna Clymer says:

    Hi Josh, Just read this at lunch at work, and watched the video.  The video was awesome!!!! and so was the post.  Love, Mom

  6. Mo says:

    Best of luck to you Josh. Your Youtube videos are fun to watch. Heck, even a walk around every oil change would be cool (what service you did, any problems you had in the meantime etc. ) It would be cool to continue seeing those invoices too 🙂

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks Mo, & that’s pretty much the plan. Going to add some Vlog style vids to the channel to keep you guys up to date. Thanks for following along, I appreciate it!

  7. Josh, thanks for keeping this blog as long as you did. It was certainly one of the big inspirations for my own road trip blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading it over the past few years.

    Good luck with the new video channels- I’ll definitely subscribe!!

  8. pawela says:

    Indeed a happy/sad day, Josh. Glad you and Tyson were able to pull that 555k off! Greatly enjoyed the blog but really look forward to what the NSX Experiment brings!

  9. tysonhugie says:

    Just popping into this ghost town to say hello. Think I just saw a tumbleweed blow past. Missing this blog!

    • Ben O. says:

      Anyone know what happened to the TSX? The YouTube channel says it doesn’t work anymore.

      • clymerdude says:

        Hi Ben, the YouTube Channel should be working. I’m actually in the process of merging my 2 channels. TSX Travels & NSX Experiment are merging into Clymers Carport. Hope you check it out. It will be a combo of the 2 channels & will have content for both cars. Thanks Ben!

    • clymerdude says:

      Likely one last post about the channel merge…

  10. Carlos. says:

    Hello Josh. Just wanted to say I miss this blog very much. 😟

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