Lots Been Going on & a New Windshield for the TSX

Has it really been almost 4 whole months since updating my blog!? Shame on me!

Before we begin, I want to give a long overdue shout out to Jahan for sending me an AM Wood Grain Shift knob that goes very well with my interior! I like it much better in than the OEM knob in way of both looks & feel.


BEFORE – Original OEM Knob


AFTER – New AM Wood Grain Shift Knob!

You can tell it was AM by the way the Acura “A” was tilted slightly & then picked off leaving an indentation. Now that it’s all been picked off, you can barely seen that it was ever there. I may one day do some light sanding & polish it up to make it even harder to see.


“A” Chipped Off but I think I can sand & polish it out.

All in all, I like it very much & am extremely appreciative for the thought & expense that went into this knob! Thanks Jahan!

Next up is the 540k Oil Change Invoice…

540k oil change

I’ve also Had some scenic drives lately & scored some great pics of the Old Girl!20170612_15210720170612_21561120170612_22144220170708_152101IMG_20170613_114828_969IMG_20170621_204353_012IMG_20170702_153540_31320170612_120549

A lot of these made it to my Instagram page. Coming up on 13 years old & she still photos well!

Water, Water, Everywhere!

With the insane winter we had, there’s been a ton of snow melt off from the mountains. Like the Glory Hole from the last post, ALL of the following were in full swing & going strong!

Shoshone Fall in Twin Falls…


The Devils’ Washbowl in Malad…20170407_150435

Lake Cascade Dam Spillway…20170412_130734

Lucky Peak Rooster Tail in Boise…20170612_071940

My First TSX Meet!

I also made my first TSX meet up with the guys in the NW TSX Club on July 1st! A great bunch of guys & cars. I wish I had more pics! But I was so excited to meet everyone & see their cars, I totally blew it on the picture side of it (weak…I know). But I did manage to get a few before everyone left. I wish I would have got some of Ben Kiblers sweet wagon!

Even Mr. HeelToe himself made an appearance!


I was a big fan of this 2nd Gen owned by Kevin Harris! Lots of details on this one!



I’ve been super busy with work, home projects, swim classes for Luke & all kinds of stuff. I recently had a new windshield put in & Brent from Integrity Auto Glass agreed to let me video the process for those that have never actually seen a windshield go in before. You can see it here…


There’s still lots of projects coming up & some of them are HUGE!!!!!!

*Believe it or not… I am STILL trying to get my 500k roll over video completed, Haha. A wee bit late, but I still have A LOT of work to do on it actually. Hopefully by years end. Cross your fingers.

*I have also recently replaced my catalytic converter with a direct fit Mangna Flow CAT from Heeltoeauto.com, as well as replaced the rear sway bar with a TL Type S sway bar. I have video, Just need the time to edit.

*Chris Downs from Acura has agreed to help out with a video answering a question I get ALL the time… “What to look for when buying a used car. Tips from a Master Mechanic & a Collision Specialist.” The title may need some shortening, but you get the idea…

*Another request I’ve had often, is a follow up walk around video focusing on the maintenance. I just hit 550k today, so I’ll be doing a “550,000 Miles, How did I get here? A Maintenance Review” This is basically just in my head, but I have gone thru about 70% of my old maintenance invoices and have a breakdown from 2005-2015 so far. I still need to go thru the last couple years, shoot & edit.

But the big one is this… Here’s a teaser…20160206_144425 - Copy

Project: “Dueling Acuras Pt. 2 – Fantastic Fives”

I think you may get the idea. It’s been in the works for over a year! “Automotive History” Some would say… More details on that in the very near future!

The last one is SO BIG, that it won’t fit in this post! You’ll have to check me out on Instagram on 8/25/17 for an idea of what’s to come! IT’S HUGE!!!!!!

I hope that all of this finds you all happy & healthy. There’s actually a lot more than what’s listed above, but that is for another post. Tomorrow is the North West Accord Meet in Tacoma, WA. I’m currently sitting in my hotel room waiting for the morning so I can get my car over to Groit’s Garage, who’s hosting the event & presented by The Accord Collective. I have am supremely confident, that I will have the most beat down car there! I wonder if there will be a trophy for that? Haha.




Oh, & one last thing…..

Same guy with two bikes? or two creative types that happen to live in the same town? Maybe a Pokemon bike gang? Thought?20170705_12033120170801_114530











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15 Responses to Lots Been Going on & a New Windshield for the TSX

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Mmm! So much good content in here. Hope you have fun at Griots tomorrow. I’ve been to that facility! Years ago they hosted the Legend group for a similar thing. Can’t wait for what’s in store for the half-million-mile Acuras. Looking forward to collaborating with you on that. Going to watch your windshield video now. And those scenery pics! Idaho is just stunning. Car ain’t bad looking either. Enjoy WA!

  2. Great to see another update! I really enjoyed the windshield replacement video, in part because I had the windshield on my Accord replaced a few months ago but I didn’t get to watch it because I had to drop the car off and get to a meeting at work. Did you go with an OEM windshield or an OEE one?

    Car still looks great. Looking forward to the future announcements!

    • clymerdude says:

      Had a Pilkington AM windshield installed. If you’re not familiar, Pilkington makes a lot of OEM glass. Thanks for checking it out. Lots of good stuff ahead!

  3. Carlos says:

    Hello Josh. Don’t forget about the once in a lifetime total eclipse tomorrow! By the looks of it, it looks like Boise is going to be very close or within the total eclipse path. Please take pics with your car!! Here is a link to the path:

    Another link with info:


    You can look at this event as foreshadowing your future “eclipsing” of the Tyson 554,000 mile mark. 😉


    • clymerdude says:

      Hey Carlos, Yeah, I knew about the eclipse but I was up in Tacoma WA for a car meet on Sunday then down in Portland area at a friends house monday morning. I was just outside the path for totality, but saw about 90% complete. Sadly, I was also not in an area where I would’ve been able to get any good shots. But at least I was able to see what I could. Amazing stuff!

  4. Carlos says:

    Josh, did you know there is a total eclipse on Monday morning passing very close to Boise? Check it out. Would be cool to see the TSX enveloped by a total eclipse. ;-()


  5. Adam Leask says:

    Some pretty spectacular pictures, Josh! Pleased to see that the TSX is still going well. Did the Type S sway bar make any noticeable difference to the driving characteristics?

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks Adam. Yes it did make a difference & it was relatively inexpensive as well. I recommend the upgrade for sure. This month has been crazy, so I’m hoping in the next few weeks I can get the video completed & post it.

  6. Carlos says:

    Josh: Two questions:

    1). Does the TL Type S rear sway bar fit your Tsx without alternations? How is it different than stock? Is it just thicker?

    2). How is the ride different with TL Type S sway bar?

    • clymerdude says:

      1) Yes, it is a direct fit. You will need the sway bar, bushings & clamps. The whole thing will cost around $110. It’s about twice the diameter as the stock TSX sway bar.

      2)There is no ride difference, but the handling in the corners is very noticeable! Well worth the time & money in my opinion.

  7. Derek S. says:

    Its getting close! My Accord just hit 590000. Im thinking we should cross 600k right around the same time.

    • clymerdude says:

      How many miles per year do you drive & where are you located?

      • Derek S. says:

        I currently only drive about 20k a year. I bought it with 571k on it already, so the previous owner did about 55-60k a year. I believe I remember the salesman at the Honda dealership I bought it from said the previous owner was in sales. I’m located in West Michigan. The car is pretty impressive. Aside from maintenance parts and suspension/steering components its still all original and everything works.

  8. Eric E says:

    Finally some 2nd gen TSX grilles i can get on board with!

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