500 Miles To Go & The Green Monster

20160620_162604Wasn’t going to post a 500, but got an email today I wanted to share & figured, Why Not?

When your Acura Service Manager has a better life than you…


The jealousy is REAL.

500 to go!

See you again real soon!


About clymerdude

A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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13 Responses to 500 Miles To Go & The Green Monster

  1. Midnight Mystery says:

    I guess you’ve gotten to know the service department very well at this point…

    500 miles already, do you have another long distance job, you could be there by mid week!!!

  2. Carlos says:

    Almost there. Try putting 500,000 in one of those NSX cars. Not going to happen. 😉

    • Midnight Mystery says:

      I think the NSX and LFA will still outlast the euro counterparts by 10x the milage… But 500k isn’t happening without big commitment and emotional attachment to justify repair cost… Hopefully it will last a while, that way Lambo owners can switch when they sick of repairs, not like anyone who can afford one of these care about repair cost…

      This is a good point and I will see how well the NSX fairs to age from now on…

    • clymerdude says:

      If you give me one & double dog dare me, I’ll give it my best shot. 😉

  3. Carlos says:

    Are we there yet??? 😉 🙂

  4. Carlos says:

    The suspense is killing me. You might as well wait until this weekend. Tyson will be in Boise to help you open up your surprise box. 😀

  5. Midnight Mystery says:

    Me too!!!

    I keep thinking I know what’s going to be in the box, but I know I’m going to be wrong…

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