3,000 Miles To Go & Flying Solo

20160523_152040If you haven’t guessed by now, work has slowed down again. At least the long distance inspections. But regardless, you can’t keep a good car down! Only 3k to go now.

So what’s been going on? Not much. Work is slow, but steady. Spring is in full swing. Which means sprinkler repairs & mowing the lawn again. (yippee) Oh, that’s right. I’m Single for the next 2-4 weeks. The Princess & Little Man have packed up and are currently driving down to Southern California to visit her family. They left Friday morning with a full tank of gas & fully packed RDX. Her sister Vicky (AKA: Vicky Stixx) flew out Thursday night with her 2 boys, just so they could accompany Josie & Luke on this little road trip. Which I thought was mighty nice of them.

They left Friday morning’ish & made it down to Ely, NV. Today they made their way down & arrived in Las Vegas, NV where they are currently living it up. In the morning they are doing the 3rd leg back to the Riverside & Temecula, CA area where she will be spending anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Me? Well, somebody has to pay for this party, right? So here I am at home. The end of day 2. Where it’s quiet, & peaceful, & it feels like I’m living in an abandoned house without my family, already. But fear not. I have a 2 page “Honey Do” list of things that need/should get done around here. If there’s one thing that a 3 year old (bless his heart) brings to a sideways ear splitting screeching halt, is projects around the house. Luke always wants in on the project, contributing his own brand of “Help”. Need I say more? I think not.

So that’s what I’ll be up too for the next few weeks. I also have time to enjoy some you tube videos to see how other people are doing their projects to see if I can pick up any time saving tips. Which, of course inevitably leads to videos on Road Rage, Car Crashes, Wood Turning, Hollow Earth Theory (really?!?) & the really good stuff… Japanese flying tire competitions! That’s right, I said it! Not only can the Japanese build a car like no ones business, (well, I guess it IS their business) they make the best game shows and come up with the best challenges! Take a gander & tell me you’re not impressed…

I absolutely love the fact that they are wearing white lab coats for this!

So this is it for me. Except for a brief visit from drivetofive’s Tyson Hugie. He’s blowing thru town on his way back from his Alaska road trip in a few days. So that will be a nice break from the monotony.

Inching ever closer to the big day! One inspection & errand at a time!

Signing off with a picture of the little valley town of Horseshoe Bend, ID.IMG_20160519_130754See you all again real soon!

About clymerdude

A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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9 Responses to 3,000 Miles To Go & Flying Solo

  1. Carlos says:

    Wow! I love that Japanese flying tire competition! Great commentators also. 😉

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Haha, the tire competition cracks me up! Yes yes – see you in a few days! Looking forward to it. Enjoy having the place to yourself while the fam’s out of town.

  3. Midnight Mystery says:

    Well, I guess you could use the break…

    Enjoy your web surfing, and I will gladly read your upcoming nondescript updates!!!

    Good luck with the house work, and I wish they have a good, safe trip…

  4. pawela says:

    You’re getting really close, Josh! Too bad Tyson and I are going separate ways from Seattle. I would have loved to meet ya and that noble steed of yours.

  5. Carlos says:

    That Japanese flying tire competition makes for some great late night entertainment!

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