5,000 To Go, & Another Clean Bill of Health


And another one’s gone, & another one’s gone. Another one bites the Dust!

This one’s a little past due actually. I hit it on Monday, but wanted to wait until Travis & Chris got back from NSX training in Ohio (Yup, you heard me right. Lucky Bastards) before I took it into Lyle Pearson for the last oil change in the 400k’s. I wanted to hear all about their trip.

But first things, first. img135The 450,000 oil change. Lyle Pearson is currently putting the finishing touches on a new shop on the back lot where Master Tech Chris Downs now resides. He was chosen by the dealer to be their NSX Tech. Meaning, He’s the only one allowed to work on the new NSX when they come in for service. An honor for sure, but when asked how he was chosen over the other techs, he started talking about the Midichlorians & how his count was “Way above normal” and, well, we all know the rest…

While the TSX was in the air, Chris & Myself gave it a thorough look over. No leaks, everything looked really good, especially for the age & mileage! Tires are wearing Even Steven, no rusting. The rear brakes are coming up due real soon, likely next visit. Other than that, another clean bill of health.

While we chatted about the TSX, he told me about his visit to Ohio & getting to drive the NSX around Acuras Private test track with an Instructor by his side. They were aloud 2 laps behind the wheel. Not nearly enough time to really familiarize themselves with the track, but enough to know how impressive the car was. Then came the bonus lap in the passenger seat with a professional driver. Chris said he felt like he gave the NSX a pretty good go behind the wheel. Until that is, when he went around with the Pro… “There wasn’t a second gone by, that I didn’t feel like the tires were going to break loose & we’d fly off into oblivion.”

Now, I don’t get jealous much, But I have to admit That the more Chris spoke, the greener I got with envy. Well, I still have my dreams. I guess I could do a little research & see if they offer any tours in Ohio. But, I haven’t had a vacation in over 11 years now, & the odds of me getting time enough to go to Ohio is extremely unlikely.

So on with the rest of the week…20160421_121812I saw a Semi Trailer that went into the freeway median & blew apart.

DSC00418While inspecting a Subaru that was rear ended, I witnessed yet another rear ender.

Last week I had an assignment out in John Day,OR. A very pretty drive with a long strech up in the mountains covered in Pine Forest & camp sites… 20160427_165831

20160427_150119_00120160427_14584120160427_143604_001At a Scenic View stop at the info booth.

And last & certainly least, this doey eyed bovine. Standing there, deciding if she should cross the road. As soon, of course, as she figures out what the road is…20160421_182907_001_resizedSee you all again real soon. I’m actually at 495,732.

PS: My sweet new Lock screen wallpaper…



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9 Responses to 5,000 To Go, & Another Clean Bill of Health

  1. tysonhugie says:

    That lock screen is ultimate hotness. You should sell that in the App Store (or something). Give that cow a honk the next time she stands in the middle of the road like that. Great pics from John Day. Looks like a great place to take a weekend camping trip. Onward to 496.

  2. Carlos says:

    Car looks very clean. Did you wash it before taking pics? I don’t see any brake dust. I get a lot of brake dust on my car. But I have aftermarket brakes that stop on a dime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Carlos says:

    Is there a list of festivities planned for when you reach 500,000 miles? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • clymerdude says:

      Te be honest, I haven’t really planned anything. I think I may be shooting a 500k video around that time, but other than that, I’m not sure. Sad, I know.

  4. Farid Yoeu says:

    Are you going to get a cake and candles for your TSX when it hits 500k? Haha.

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