9,000 Miles to go & Child beds.

20160406_105638Well, that thousand miles went by fast!

Today as I was watching the odometer creep up on 491,000, I was thinking to myself what I might write about this evening as it’s only been a few days since I hit 490,000. As I did, my son Luke popped into my head as he quite frequently does thru out the day.

I usually don’t stray from the TSX too often, but when I come across something that I feel is important & might benefit someone, I like to get it out there. So I’m going to talk about kids beds for a minute. Even if you don’t have a child of your own at this point in life, I recommend you keep reading anyways. It’s info that you may need later and if you have friends that have kids, it will be of interest to them now.

Why would I be interested in kids beds? If you’re a parent yourself, you already know why. If not, let me just say this: As an adult, I thought I had a pretty good handle of what Love was. I mean, I love me some Princess! It’s why I married her. But the full depth of Love did not reveal itself to me until I had my son. Most parents want better for their children and want them to be safe and healthy. Enter this topic of child beds.

So as most have learned over the years, I’m not your typical person. I mean, what kind of deranged person drives the same car for half a million miles? So when Luke was starting to outgrow his crib, the Princess & I put a game plan together. Most people simply upgrade to the toddler bed, then a single, then double and so on. Not me. I didn’t want to be buying one cheapo mattress after another Luke’s whole life. So we decided that we would buy him 1 quality mattress, 1 time, that he would grow into.

So I started with the most popular beds, firm memory foam mattresses. I wanted firm so that it would give him plenty of support. The quality beds have a 20 year warranty. But when I started to research a little more about these type of mattresses, I found they are a petroleum based product. In fact, some of the lower quality mattresses are made with up to 80% of some kind of petroleum based materials. Even some of the high end mattresses are made with the same percentage of petroleum. Needless to say I was less than thrilled.

Here’s the part that I want to share with you… in my search for a high quality, safer mattress I came across an article about crib mattresses & SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) For years no one knew what caused SIDS. In fact, most people still don’t. Yet around 2,000 babies die from it every year. Think about that for a second. 2,000 of the best people on earth die every year & no one really knows why. (& by best people I mean the most pure and innocent, still untarnished beautiful little people we know). In this article it linked SIDS with the crib mattresses themselves. The number of cases of SIDS increased with the mandate that crib mattresses be fire retardant. What makes a mattress fire retardant? Chemicals. Lots of chemicals.

You know that smell that fills the room if you’ve ever bought a memory foam mattress or mattress topper? That’s the toxic fumes from the petroleum processing & it takes days to a week for the smell to dissipate. But even when the smell is gone, the mattress is giving off toxic fumes. These are the beds that we as adults sleep in.

It’s the same with crib mattresses. A Certified Fire Retardant crib mattress is soaked in chemicals. You have the babies room all set up, you bring them home for the first time, & unknowingly lay them down on a mattresses that is giving off toxic fumes. It was indicated in this article that the babies new, tiny lungs simply can’t handle the toxins in these cases & the baby passes away after some time of exposure night after night.

Now, let me take a minute and remind everyone reading that this is a new theory in it’s infant stages of research. But it makes sense to me. We live in an extremely toxic world where profits out way the safety of the citizens. I could site multiple examples of what I mean, but this isn’t really the time or place. Besides, I’m thinking this isn’t really a “News Flash” for you guys anyway. Of course, some of these deaths can be attested to unsafe sleeping environments, true accidents and so on. But not all of them.

The Princess raised a good point during our discussions about this. Why does a crib mattress need to be fire retardant anyways? If left in place, the poor baby would have died from smoke inhalation long before the flames got anywhere near the crib.

Back to Luke… In the weeks before Lukes arrival, the Princess insisted on a “Organic” crib mattress. I’m now very glad she did. To follow thru with good healthy decisions for my son, I continued my research. I eventually stumbled across an Organic memory foam mattress made in Canada using sap from the rubber tree instead of petroleum. Go figure. These mattresses are a little more expensive then some of the higher end memory foam brands, but spread over the next 15 years of not having to replace cheapo mattresses every couple of years, it’s not so bad. Plus he’ll have proper support as he grows and no springs in his back. At first he missed his crib. Knowing he is into construction vehicles & trucks right now, we did his bed in this theme & he loved it! He called it his “Big Boy Bed” & “Construction Vehicle Bed”. It made the transition very easy. He swims in it now, but he’ll still have plenty of room at 18. He can buy his own mattress when this one wears out.20151226_202558

If you want to read up on this mattress, you can click here. Just be clear, I’m not being paid for this either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an idiot. If they want to throw some money at me, I’ll give them my address. Baby needs some new rear brake pads! Know what I’m saying?

The point? When it comes to our kids, we all want better and safer. Don’t take my word, or any ones for that matter. Do your own research whenever we need something for our little people. Make informed decisions. Aren’t are kids worth it?

Didn’t think you’d be reading about kids beds today, did you?

Back to the real reason you stopped by, it’s only been a few days since last post & not much new to report. The only this the TSX needs now is some rear brake pads coming up pretty soon. Other than that, no issues. The Front end vibration is gone from the last visit to the dealer & I’m happy to say I don’t miss it at all.

See you again real soon.

(This post has been Luke approved.)


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3 Responses to 9,000 Miles to go & Child beds.

  1. Carlos says:

    Getting close. In what month are you anticipating crossing 500,000?

  2. tysonhugie says:

    This was a very insightful post and I just finished going through the Essentia website to see how those mattresses are put together. I have a 6″ memory foam topper on the queen bed in my room but I honestly couldn’t tell you where the mattress came from. Probably a hand-me-down from when my parents helped me move into my place 7 years ago. At any rate, glad Mr. Luke is sleeping soundly on a non-toxic bed and the TSX is moving ever closer to that important milestone! “Baby needs new brakes,” Hahahaha..

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