Dueling Acura’s – Over 1 Million Miles

So here we are. The first of March. Why is March special? Well, several reasons really, but the main two in my world is that Spring is just about here, & this March, the 27th to be exact, happens to be Acura’s 30th anniversary! To celebrate this event in my own fashion I conceived “Threat Level: Midnight” or rather, for it’s world debut…

“Dueling Acura’s – Over 1 Million Miles”.

It’s a short video featuring my TSX & the famous ’94 Legend Coupe belonging to Tyson Hugie. Tyson has become a good friend over the last few years & is a very prominent part of this blog ever seeing the light of day. This project also would not have come together with out his assistance either. So for all these things, I want to send out a sincere Thank You to Tyson.

This has been a year & a half in the making (in my head while racking up the miles), 5 days of driving, 2 days of filming, hours of fishing thru photos & countless hours of editing, masterfully done by my brother James on the other side of the country. He did a fantastic job of bringing this video to life for me. It’s exactly how I pictured it every time this song came around on my mp3 player in the car. So another BIG Thank You to my brother James. You da Man!

It was filmed in St George, UT & Lowman, ID areas. It was a fun project to put together.

Lastly, I’d like to thank every one at Lyle Pearson Acura here in Boise. If it wasn’t for my fantastic local dealer, I’d likely not be closing in on 500,000 miles on the same drivetrain. So a shout out to Jim Cross (for hiring quality people & keeping them) Travis Thorton (for being a great service manager & always being there when I need him (& being Jason Stathams stunt double)), Chris Downs, Craig Hoogland, Marvin Webb & Don (the master techs keeping me on the road all these years! Can you believe it’s been 10 years guys!?) Royce West (for being an awesome sales manager, being honest, answering all my questions & always giving me the scoop on the new NSX) Mike Hazel (for being a top notch salesman & handling our new 2014 RDX purchase) & to Sawyer Eckhardt (who did an awesome job in service, & will be selling me my next new Acura when I’m ready, Sorry Mike)

Remember, it’s my first time. Be gentle. Hope you enjoy!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the outcome of this project. Feel free to sound off in the comments. I do have a concept for a follow up video. So any suggestions, recommendations on how to improve are welcome.

Oscar nods are also welcome. I’m shooting for the “Best short film from a nobody” category.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! Have a great week & we’ll see you again soon!

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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16 Responses to Dueling Acura’s – Over 1 Million Miles

  1. Conor says:

    Fantastic job, Josh & Tyson!!! As a proud owner of a TSX and admirer of Legends (especially Tyson’s), I could and will watch this over and over. Keep on rolling, gents!

  2. clymerdude says:

    Thanks Conor. Happy you liked it!

  3. Hy says:

    Greetings & congrats to you & Tyson!

    I found it site through Tyson and greatly admire u both for ur excellent work and driving devotion. As an owner of several Accords, an 04 TSX and admirer of all Acura & Hondas you guys do a great job showing (with a little perseverance) just how far these vehicles can go.

    I just posted to Tyson on what a great video this is and may have incorrectly given him most of the credit unaware that your brother was largely responsible for the editing. My apologies as u have all done outstanding work here!

    • clymerdude says:

      Hi Hy!
      Yes James did a great job with his part! & no worries. The main thing is that you enjoyed it. That’s all we really care about. Thanks for checking it out. Happy Acura Month!

  4. tysonhugie says:

    Haha – “Best Short Film for a Nobody.” YOU WIN! I had a lot of fun collaborating with you on this – all I did was show up and let you call the shots. So congratulations on pulling it off. Get back to business and keep pushing that little TSX to its well-deserved 500,000 mark!

  5. Carlos says:

    Very nice. The music started off slow but picked up nicely. The TSX interior looked really clean. I wish the TSX would be in the lead sometimes when you guys were on the same road but I guess Tyson takes the lead with his higher mileage Legend. 😉

  6. Adam says:

    Awesome video, you must be excited about the impeding 500k mark, eh!

  7. Nate says:

    Awesome write up and video!!

  8. Shaubhik Roy says:

    Kudos to both of you! The two of you have saved all of us from spending thousands on a new car, especially given how expensive things have gotten in general.

  9. pawela says:

    FANTASTIC job on the video, Josh! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the big 500k!

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