With some extra time during the week, I’ve decided it was about time to start visiting some of the myriad of State Parks here in Idaho. Some I have been in before, but those have been a scant few in comparison to just how many there are out here. Since I’ve lived in the State of Idaho for over 10 years now, I’ve got some catching up to do.

There is an option when renewing your vehicle registration here in Idaho, that you can opt for an extra $10 per vehicle to get special “State Park” stickers for your windshield, that gives you access to all State Parks for no charge. SOLD!


After looking at a roll over Tahoe in Mountain Home, I drove the extra 20 miles down towards Bruneau Dunes State Park. I’ve heard about the Dunes before, but have never seen them. But sure enough, there they were. Out in the middle of nowhere.


So just how did they end up there & why are they still around you may ask? Something about the crosswinds blowing the sand & the right layout of the surrounding mountains to keep it there. Sounds fishy to me. So I needed a closer look.

20160219_125938There’s campgrounds and such at this park, but the real allure here is that you can actually climb up on the Dunes themselves (if your heart doesn’t give out on the way up) & enjoy the view. It didn’t look so big from the road, but I had to stop for a breather about 3/4 of the way up to prevent certain death.

20160219_131855Once I was at the top, I discovered the crosswinds. The view was impressive when there wasn’t sand scouring my cornea. I’d get blasted facing one way, turn my head & enjoy the same treatment from the lovely crosswind. I didn’t mind too much though. Like I said, the view was impressive, & I was on the little dune…20160219_131848

13202920160219_131922While sitting on top of all this sand, I couldn’t help but think of the movie Dune & the giant Sandworms. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the movie, I was still just a kid in fact. Running around with my brothers yelling “Chaaa-SAH!” If memory serves, it was a bizarre movie. I’ll have to queue it up on Netflix and give it another go.

After a graceful descent back down the dune, I made my way further in. This was by the waters edge with a mini boat launch with a sign that read “Electric Motors Only”. I should have brought a Chevy Volt! I can hear my defense lawyer now, “But Your Honor, the sign did say…”

20160219_130302I didn’t have a boat to get to the other side, or the time to walk around, but maybe one day when I’m in better shape, I’ll tackle the large dune across the way. It’s easily 2-3 times bigger than the one I climbed.20160219_130659


The Wiener Mobile was back in town & I was able to get a better look this time around. Not bad for Mystery Meat…DSC07085DSC07084DSC07078DSC07080DSC07082DSC07081

Some other things I saw the last couple weeks…

Like this old trailer buried up to its axles in ice.DSC07427

HULK SMASH!DSC07023I received this in the mail a few months ago. I really am looking forward to reading it…DSC07222

I was told this sticker adds like 15 HP.20160220_120326Thanks to everybody who took the time to stop by & see what’s been going on! Don’t forget to check me out on Facebook & Instagram. Stay safe & put some miles on that thing!DSC07678




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4 Responses to Dune

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Those dunes are pretty sweet! Barren landscape – the TSX looks so lonely from afar. Did you track lots of sand all over your floor mats and inside your shoes? Digging that sticker across the back window. I can’t wait to start my “Dear Tyson” column for Acura people to write in…

    • clymerdude says:

      Took my shoes & socks off and left them on the bench before going up. Still had sand everywhere. Worth it though. I’m also looking forward to the “Dear Tyson” column! Would be a smash hit!

  2. Carlos says:

    From your post, I see that you may be an Incredible Hulk fan. đŸ˜‰ The Incredible Hulk comic book was one of my favorites while growing up.

    • clymerdude says:

      Yeah, me and my brothers used to collect comics. I still have some but not near as many as when I was a kid. My brother was more into the Incredible Hulk then me. He at one point had 1 through 200. I was a big McFarland art fan for a long time so I have more of the amazing spidermans when he was drawing for them. I did for a long time have Hulk 340 where McFarland drew for Hulk for a little while and it was Hulk vs Wolverine. I used to draw a lot of comic characters as well. That was many moons ago.

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