Only 15,000 Mile to Go!

DSC07487With only 15,000 miles to go until I hit my goal, I find myself looking for excuses to get behind the wheel and go somewhere. Anywhere. Work has been slow for the last couple months & since I’m no longer covering the East side of the State anymore, I find myself at home spending time with my son, Luke. Which I am thoroughly enjoying. It’s probably the main thing keeping me at home instead of just setting the cruise on the freeway. I still feel myself getting antsy.

So, after hitting 485k it was once again time to make my way to my favorite dealer, Lyle Pearson Acura. Another oil change & to take care of something else. I was going to finally have the vibration in the front end taken care of, but the other day I ran out of wiper fluid & popped the hood. Well, the seeping of the power steering pump had gotten worse and everything was pretty well covered in power steering fluid. So the vibration was put on the back burner once again & I opted to have the steering pump resealed. 20160211_112639The pumps on these cars are very strong, & so instead of replacing it, the dealer resealed it for me & I saved a couple hundred dollars. After just a few hours, she was ready to get back on the road again with a freshly washed engine bay & exterior wash. I was back on the road putting on more miles.


Update on Threat Level: Midnight

Everything on my end is done. Now, it’s all up to my brother James to work his magic. He’s very good at his craft & I can hardly wait to see the finished product. (Thanks Bro! I owe you one!) In another week or two hopefully this project will be complete and I’ll be able to share it with every one.

In the mean time, Here are a few more pics from my trip to St George, UT just the weekend before last…

My view from the balcony of the most exclusive B&B in the St George Area! This pic was taken at sunrise. The perfect way to start every day!


A quick wash…


A good day…IMG_1632 20160206_145038 20160206_144425

One last thing, a quick detail. I was cleaning up the decklid of the TSX and noticed the 11 years of build up between the letters of “TSX”20160213_103038I decided it was time to do something about this. Yeah, OK, I’m anal. Cleaning would have taken forever, so I decided a better way to do it was to remove the badges all together, 20160213_104153clean, 20160213_111855clay, 20160213_112450polish & install new badges.20160213_113342Much better!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Facebook. Stay safe out there & see you again soon!

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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7 Responses to Only 15,000 Mile to Go!

  1. tysonhugie says:

    That’s a great shot from Mama Tia’s Bed & Breakfast in Washington, UT! Pics from Snow Canyon and Sand Hollow turned out great. Looking forward to seeing James’ handiwork…

  2. Mama Tia says:

    Yeah, Mama Tia is loving that view — EVERY SINGLE MORNING! We were thrilled to host you and your car. I, too, am looking forward to The Video. 🙂

    • clymerdude says:

      I was honored to have had the pleasure of staying with you guys. I truly appreciated it. & just a FYI Tia, The video thing was supposed to be a secret until it was done. Not that it takes a genius to figure out. LOL Love your enthusiasm!

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  4. Carlos says:

    That Acura Legend Coupe looks familiar. 😉 It is in great condition.

    The red rocks in the background of some of the pics reminds me of Monument Valley. Have you been on the road below with the Tsx?

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