20 to Go!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram & Facebook, You already know that I’ve just recently hit the 480,000 mile mark. The closer I get, the more excited I am. This has been 11 years in the making (albeit the first half I didn’t realize what I was building up to…) & is by far the longest project I’ve ever worked on. It kind of reminds me of the guy that buys an old clunker and spends years and years slowly rebuilding it to a polished show car. The time, money & effort involved in these long projects have some people scratching their heads. But to us car guys, it’s worth every penny, minute & drop of sweat.  There is a slight difference I suppose, now that I think about it. The guy restoring his car, depending on year, make & model, could potentially sell his car for tens of thousands once he’s hit his goal. Me on the other hand, well… not so much. BUT… I will have SAVED tens of thousands of dollars by not having to buy several different cars over the course of the last decade. As most people replace their cars every 100k – 150k miles. So lets say 2-3 cars that I didn’t have to buy. Thanks to my trusty TSX. Plus, all I had to do was enjoy driving my car to reach my goal. No torn up knuckles here! In your face Mr. Car Restorer Guy! (Actually, those restorer guys are awesome & I totally respect them! Part of me would like to restore another myself one day. My ’68 Cougar was a total pain in the rear end but I liked working on it & seeing it come together.)

DSC06976In for the 480k oil change, Technician Craig found a slight leak on the power steering pump & my rear brakes are at 4mm. I also have a vibration in the front end from about 55mph – 62mph that is believed to be one of the front axles. I’ve mentioned before about the amount of money I’ve been putting into the TSX since the 400k mile mark. But when I read stories of others having to replace this or that by the 200k mile mark, it makes me wonder why the big difference in longevity of the parts? Are they just not maintaining their cars properly or trying to cut corners on the maintenance? Are they beating the crap out of them on the streets? Loading them up with AM parts? Why is it that some guys are having to buy a transmission at 178k miles, and mine has 480k and still shifts as smoothly & strong as the day I bought it? I seriously doubt that my TSX is special in this sense. Acura builds a quality machine & they are designed to last with proper care. My TSX proves this. I guess there’s no way to know for sure, as there are way to many variables.

On a side note, to brag up on my Acura dealer. Looking at some of my invoices, like this one, you’ll notice a hand written “N/C” or No Charge on the bottom right by the total. Some invoices I have up on here,  just have a straight forward $0.00 charge.

A few years back I went in for service and was asked by the then service manager (Max), since I was in the dealer so often, if there was anything they could do to make me life easier. I jokingly replied “Give me an oil change punch card”.  Two months later Max proudly handed me a Lyle Pearson “Oil Change Club” card. “Buy 4 Oil Changes Get the 5th One Free” Way to listen to your customers Lyle Pearson! One of the many reasons I love this dealer. He then enthusiastically asked if there was anything else they could do? I told him I wanted a punch card for the Big Services! I’m still waiting on that one…Hahaha. Most likely I’ve benefited more from this club than anyone else in the Boise Valley. Especially now owning 2 Acura’s.

480k Oil

Any way you slice it, despite the extra expense this last year or so of having to replace parts that are starting to fail, how can I really complain about how long they have served me? Who else is getting 320k on a starter? 400k out of an AC system? 450k’ish out of an alternator? & now 480k out of a power steering pump? Certainly not Ford or GM or any other “Domestic” car, that’s for sure. 

I recently met a Ford owner who was bragging about his 350,000 vehicle, (respectable) & only had to “Rebuild the top end! Can’t beat American products. Not like those crappy Imports like those stupid Honda’s”. What the, WHAT!? Needless to say he was near in tears after I took him for a tour of my TSX. Plus of course, after bashing on Honda, I couldn’t help myself, but I just had to point out the fact that his beloved Ford was build in Mexico, & made sure he saw it for himself on the VIN label. Yes, sadly, he also was driving… a crappy Import. Then I gave him the death blow… Ford wasn’t even on the list of Most American built autos anymore. The top 10 most American built vehicles (as of June 2015) was half GM vehicles, &….Oh my, the other half was crappy imports. Including the Honda Odyssey! Strangely, he didn’t really want to talk about it anymore.  HeeHeeHee…

At least he wasn’t driving a VW Routan Van. I don’t even know how to classify one of those things! Check out the VIN label on one of these…44249382^DSC00388It’s a German van, built on a Japanese platform (MPV), assembled in Canada, by an American Company. I call this thing the “UN on wheels”. If you want to represent all walks of life, this is the clear choice! Can you imagine all the freight involved in putting this thing together to get it to dealer show rooms? No wonder it’s not offered anymore.

I’d like to extend a warm Thank You! to everyone following along and offering encouragement on this endeavor. It means a lot to me to have so many people from around the country, & even other countries showing their support. I’ll leave you now with a few new pics for the album…

Like this strange partial rainbow. No rain or snow for days when this was taken.


Happy Idaho Cows…20160108_161413

Near King Hill, ID. Or as I call it, TSX Country…20160108_162427 South of Cambridge, ID…20160114_150023& Lastly, Life is good on Tater Ln Idaho…DSC06911

Thanks again everyone! Stay safe and we’ll see you again soon!

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17 Responses to 20 to Go!

  1. Carlos says:

    Congratulations on reaching 480,000.

    Does the vibration from 55mph to 62mph only occur while you are accelerating? Does it go away when you take your foot off the gas? I also have this vibration. Occurs upon acceleration from 50 to 60mph. The harder i press the accelerator, the bigger the vibration. It goes away when I take my foot off the gas.

  2. Carlos says:

    At your current rate, in what month do you estimate you will hit 500,000?

  3. Will says:

    congrats ! looking forward to your big milestone!

  4. Sunny says:

    Eagerly awaiting your 500k milestone and congrats on 480k!

  5. tysonhugie says:

    Tater Lane! Hope you took your supply of tots for the picnic! Eagerly watching your next 19,000 & change.

  6. Ironically in my 06 tsx the power steering pump made lots of noise starting in the cold, replaced the o ring and knocknon wood its OK so far😊. Cheering you on all the way to 500!

  7. gardel says:

    way to go! Now, the question that I have is: What are you going to do with the tsx once you hit the 500k? Any car in mind? AH, the VW Routan is a rebadged Chrysler Caravan. I can’t believe people actually spend a lot of money in one of those.

    • clymerdude says:

      Hi Gardel, glad to here from you! Honestly, I’ve been giving that a lot of thought lately & talking with the princess about it. I will most likely continue driving the TSX until I pay of the RDX (currently have $20k to go on that) after that, I’ve been thinking either new TLX or ILX, ’08-’10 Lexus LS series f-sport, or maybe even finally getting my ’05-’07 NSX. Any way you slice it, I’ll continue putting miles on the TSX until I pay off the RDX. So maybe another year or 2. I don’t want 2 car payments.

  8. Carlos says:

    Hello Josh.

    Do you know what will happen to the TSX in two years after you pay off the RDX and you get new TLX, ILX, LEXUS, or NSX?

  9. clymerdude says:

    Oh, I’ll be keeping it for sure. Unless Acura wants to put it in their museum in Torrance. Haha.
    I like the car too much to get rid of it. Besides, who’s going to want a car that has half a million miles and totaled twice? Between purchase price, maintenance these last 11 years + out of pocket collision repairs, I’ve likely got around $60k in the car. So it will stay in the stable for quite some time. I have a nephew that will need transportation while he saves for his own car soon. Plus my 3 yr old son will need the same when the time comes. Yeah, she’s sticking round for a while.

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