Still Going…

Due to an extremely busy & stressful last couple of months, it’s sadly been that long since I’ve updated my faithful three readers. For that, I’m truly sorry. But, things are on the up & up. I’ve hired a guy who was there by my side threw the rock chip disaster of 2013. He’s been training for the last couple weeks and I’m extremely happy with his progress & his desire to learn & do more. It will make a huge difference for me once he’s ready to tackle the field on his own. Dare I say, I’m becoming an optimist once again…

In the last post we were trying to figure out the BONK, BABONK, BONK coming from under the car. I swore it was the left rear strut. My car now drives and handles wonderfully, but alas, the noise was still there. After poking around some more we found that the transmission mounts were toast. Score! (Well, you know what I mean)

wpid-20150825_154747.jpg wpid-20150825_154740.jpg


Everyone was Hi-5’ing & cheering. The problem was found. Test drive just to be sure…BONK BABONK, BONK. WHAT!?!? It went immediately back on the rack. At least the good thing was that Chris was finding Misc stuff that my car needed that would have likely not come up during a normal inspection. Then he found it.

Chris just happen to be walking under the front bumper and looked up noticing two empty bolt holes on the underside of the front bumper reinforcement bar. He took the front bumper cover off and checked the top. The two top bolts were there, but only finger tight. The tech at the body shop, when rebuilding the car, put the bolts in finger tight, meaning to go back and tighten them up, & must have got distracted by something and never made it back to properly tighten them. During the course of driving since then, the underside bolts must have eventually vibrated back out of the hole completely & fell out. When I hit a certain kind of bump, like rail road tracks, the front bumper reinforcement bar would bounce around sending vibration & noise all down the length of the chassis. Which explains why it was so hard to pin down! But no harm, no foul. An honest mistake, one I’ve made myself in the past. So I’m happy to report that I no longer hear that freaking BONK! noise anymore.  Hurray!

So there’s some other catching up to do. Like this…DSC00446


I was in and out of the service department an awful lot last month, with trying to figure out the noise and everything. With the changing seasons it’s starting to get dark earlier & I noticed my right headlight was out. Hoping for just a new bulb, Chris tested the headlight. Nope, HID control unit, of course. So in went a new unit & Chris topped off the blinker fluid for free. What a Pal!



Oh, & don’t forget the RDX finally hit it’s first growth spurt & was ready for it’s first major service.


My bank account was getting it’s rear end handed to itself quite a bit. So it was nice when I hit 465,000 and all I needed was an oil change.

465 oil change

So that catches us up on all the current maintenance to date. Although I’ll be back in the service department real soon for the next oil change. But now it’s time for some of the cool stuff I’ve seen in the last couple months. First, check out this rain storm! Holy Isolated Torrential Rain Batman!wpid-20150713_134926.jpgWhat about an F450 Laramie Dually Crew Cab? Phssh, Please! Call me when You’ve seen a F450 Laramie Dually Limo Cab…. With King Ranch Edition Interior & bucket seats all the way back of course.DSC04179You’ve seen that too you say? OK, tough crowd. You sure are the most well versed three people I’ve ever come across. Try this on for size then. Drag Racing Snow Mobiles!DSC03667That’s right. They run these on asphalt 1/4 mile drag strips. This one looks like something out of a Ridley Scott movie, doesn’t it? They replace the front ski’s with these little skate board looking wheels…DSC03677Then they remove the typical Paddle Track off the back & replace it with these glorified rubber band tracks specially made for running asphalt…DSC03676They run these sleds in the 9-10 second times and can hit speeds up to 180 mph. I don’t know if it’s required to have cast iron huevos & a plate in your head to run these or what. But not me thanks. I’ll just watch from the stands. Ironically, the two sleds I saw a few weeks ago, were wrecked while sitting on the back of a trailer on the way to the track. Someone in a pick up ran a light & took them out.

I’ve saved the best for last! I’m proud to announce that Boise is officially on the Map! Check it out!DSC01104 DSC01106Tesla set up a charging station a few months ago! It’s right off the freeway & I’ve seen up to 3 Tesla’s charging at the same time there. Pretty slick.DSC01105DSC01107DSC01108The TSX contemplating what “Ludicrous Speed” would be like…DSC01103

That’s catches us all up for now. Thanks for stopping by. The TSX has been chasing down the miles like a beast lately. I’ll be back in for the 470k oil change in the next few days. Hard to believe I’m almost at my 3rd & final 400k milestone already! 475k is right around the corner!

Remember to check me out on Facebook & Instagram! Be safe out there & put some miles on that thing! Thanks again for stopping by!DSC04526





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16 Responses to Still Going…

  1. Will says:

    i’m one of those faithful readers who look forward to your posts =) keep it up !

  2. Mo says:

    Good to see you back Josh! We’re all cheering for ya!

  3. tysonhugie says:

    Faithful reader, checking in! You know I can’t go more than a week or two without wondering where in the heck the King of all TSX’s is roaming around up in Idaho. HID control unit – never even knew that was a “thing.” The Legend just runs good ole Sylvania halogen bulbs. Cheapo at AutoZone! That six door Ford pickup is a bit excessive, no doubt about it.

  4. Josh! I was wondering what happened to you! I was about to message you too see if everything was ok. Anyways I’m glad your are finding the all the things that are making noise. By the way I will be replacing all my engine mounts next moth too, I know two of them are bad, but I’m going to go ahead and replace all three. Ohh and I feel you on that HID kit, the other day my right side headlight went out, checked the ballast with the other side and determined it wasn’t the ballast, so I went to o’reilly’s and bought the cheapest d2s bulb they had, which wasn’t all the cheap at $92 bucks! Well after installing it, it still wouldn’t turn on, so went on my believe it was the ignitor, and when I tried with the other side… BINGO! it was the ignitor… :/ went on Amazon and got one for 68 bucks and that solved the problem. I returned the new bulb since the my old one still worked perfectly. But yeah that whole HID system parts is crazy expensive! Keep it up and keep us posted!

    • clymerdude says:

      What up G! I guess the HID system is just one of those things that you get what you pay for. High end lighting system, high end prices. Hopefully I wont go near as long from now on without updates!

  5. Eric E says:

    I think you are due for some “Just an oil change” visits to Lyle Pearson . . . .

    • clymerdude says:

      I concur Eric! My wallet has been bleeding to death this year. I still have to get a set of tires for the TSX & RDX both next month. Easy come, easy go I guess…

  6. Carlos says:

    Does the HID control unit control both headlights or just one of them? If the problem was with the HID light bulb only, you would have had to change both of them out correct since replacing only one would make the new one shine brighter than the old one?

    • clymerdude says:

      Hi Carlos, each light has a control unit. Not sure about the brightness of a new bulb compared to old after replacing just one bulb. I’d be interested to see though.

  7. pawela says:

    Glad the bonk, bonk, bonk, is no more! Too bad the HID control unit gave up the ghost but I’m sure you’d still take HIDs over halos any day. Glad to see you’re still on the road healthy and well.

  8. Nathan says:

    Hi there Josh. I too also own a 2004 TSX with approximately 215K and was wondering if your car has the dreaded transmission whine on acceleration issue. The car has been a champ, and for the most part has never had any serious mechanical issues. Additionally, the transmission fluid has been changed according to scheduled mx tables using the 3 by 3 method. And still the transmission shifts smoothly through all the gears. My only complaint is the dreaded whining noise when the accelerator pedal is pressed. Care to offer any input on your experiences with your car? Thanks.

    • clymerdude says:

      Hi Nathan, Happy to report that I have no Transmission noises of any kind. I know this doesn’t help you much. Have you asked your local Acura service guys? It sounds like you’re doing everything you can by way of maintenance. I’ll try to remember to ask the service guys at my dealer the next time I’m in to see what they say.

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