Like a Cloud, on Rails

A couple posts ago, I went thru my annual costs on upkeep & maintenance. This post we’ll be adding to that again. After I got my TSX back from the body shop, they informed me of a noise that was somewhat unusual & they just couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from. I didn’t here it for a day or so, but sure enough, there it was. A very distinctive “Bonk-Ba-Bonk, Bonk!

What the hell? I literally jumped the first time I heard it. It was loud & angry. It sounded to me like it was coming from the rear somewhere. So the first thing I checked was the spare. Tight as a drum. I drove around for a while & found that it only triggered over specific kinds of bumps. It also sounded very mechanical to me. So I was convinced that one of the original OEM struts finally cashed in it’s chips. I drove it like this for over a months and the noise steadily became more frequent & annoying. So I made a judgement call, knowing in my heart of hearts it was the Lt Rear Strut, and decided to replace all 4 struts & all the rubber in the suspension, front & rear. (Bushings, Isolators, Links, Etc…)

As an added bonus, & no fault of his, when Master Tech Chris Downs was all done & lowering my newly seated TSX back to earth, he heard a loud “POP!” from, of course, the Rt Front Suspension. The used Ball Joint I had the body shop put in snapped. So, new Lt & Rt Front ball joints as well, Plus the 455,000 mile oil change. Chalk up another $2,072.18 for my sweet chariot.


I couldn’t wait to drive her again to see how big of a difference 455,000 miles made on the OEM original suspension. The first few miles, I’ll admit, I didn’t feel much of a difference. Which at first made me mad. Then Awe set it. How much of a testimonial does that speak of the suspension that Acura designed for the TSX!? But then I got thru the first few miles of surface streets at a posted speed of 35 MPH and got on the freeway.

Now THAT”S what I’m talking about! Like a cloud. Man it was so smooth at the higher speeds. I couldnt feel the seems in the concrete anymore! It was awesome! So I decided to take a slight detour home and put it thru some curves & OH MAMA! All of a sudden it was worth every penny. Two Grand, Moo Schmam!

Then, it happened….”Bonk-Ba-Bonk, Bonk!

WHAT THE CRAP!!!! So as the humility of my powers of diagnosis set in, I called my service guys and told them how awesome the car handled & also that the damn noise was still there. So the next few days when I was in the area, I drove around the area of the dealer looking for a spot that would not only trigger the rogue noise, but would do it consistently. BOOM! SCORE! Railroad tracks about a mile away from Lyle Pearson. Worked every time.

So I took Sawyer over to the spot & let him appreciate the sweet sound of “What the Hell?” & dropped off the car again so they could figure it out. So the guys had Chris ride in the front seat, the back set, the trunk & finally the rear floor. They think they have it figured out. The transmission mounts are busted. Yikes…. It took a week to get the mounts in, but that’s where the car is as we speak.

I’m pretty confidant that they have it nailed down. That’s it for this quick update. Nothing really special with work lately, just busy. But I’ll leave you with these random pics from the last couple weeks…


DSC09537DSC01532Way to brush it on!

DSC05033A Dirt Devil started 20 ft from where I was standing, Went around the truck I was inspecting & down the street before it dissipated.  I got within 10 feet, but the dirt in the air was crazy, then it blew off my Acura hat…DSC05041This guy…



DSC04215Out in the middle of nowhere! & this one in a million Odometer shot! Count them! 1-9DSC05602Thanks for stopping by! Remember to catch additional tidbits and pics on Facebook & Instagram under TsxTravels!


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9 Responses to Like a Cloud, on Rails

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Man, it’s a wild goose chase trying to track down “sound gremlins” in a suspension. I hope they get you back on the road very soon. That’s good the ride is so nice! Makes me wonder if I should start digging in and doing some similar work on the Legend. It kind of glides over speed bumps right now (but bounces a few times afterward!). Good luck and I’ll be watching for updates. Hold onto your Acura hat the next time a Dust Devil blows your way.

  2. Carlos says:

    Are motor mounts and transmission mounts two separate things? I have never heard of transmission mounts going bad.

    • clymerdude says:

      Yeah, they’re basically the same thing but on different sides of the drivetrain. They usually don’t go bad. But when you run over a bunch of big rocks…. well, you know.

  3. Mo says:

    Hi Josh!

    Any difference in shifting with the new mounts? Smoother?

  4. pawela says:

    Congrats on the new suspension, Josh! I’ve had a lot of those, “What the HELL?” moments after spending big bucks. But it looks like before long, you’ll have a new Acura all over again. So glad to see you’re back on the road. Can’t wait for the big 500K!

  5. Nate says:

    A little work here and there and it will look almost new again! Getting close to 500k.

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