New Facebook & Instagram & Yearly Maintenance Costs. Got a Million Dollars?

This week I’m happy & somewhat excited about moving up in the technology world, & announcing that TsxTravels is now on Facebook & Instagram! About time, right?

These pages will be linked and will focus on more of the day to day things that I encounter. Quick Daily/ Semi-Daily posts as to where I am on any given day & what I’m looking at. There are a ton of things I see on a daily basis that never make it into the blog because it would take way to long to write up everything in detail. This will help to cut down the length of the blog posts for me, at the same time give my followers even more materials for consideration! I call that a win/win! Here are the links…

For those that prefer Facebook I invite you to log on, “Like” & follow along. Facebook will also get links to my blog updates. One stop shopping so to speak.

For those that like Instagram or search for tsxtravels & “Follow”.

I invite you to follow on one, or both. This is all new to me & I’m pretty excited about it. I look forward to the additional interaction!
I hope you enjoy!


So you have a $1,000,000 to burn, & you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Well, today is you’re lucky day, Because I recently came across something that will do the trick.

A 2015 Porsche 918 SpyderDSC02712Currently sitting on the Lyle Pearson Porsche showroom floor sits this successor to the Carrera GT. With specs like EPA of 20/24, 0-60mph in just 2.2 seconds (FYI, it took about 2.2 seconds, to type out 2.2seconds…) but with 887 HP & a top speed of about 214mph, I guess this car would “Do It” for just about any enthusiast. DSC02713To top it all off, it’s a Targa Top Hybrid! I would have loved to get some interior pics of this car to share, but the keys were in a lock box, in the middle of a 200 lb cement block & buried 40ft deep out behind the back lot. It’s a sold unit (by special order only) with a price tag of about $850,000, so I can understand why they are extra protective of this car. The blue line you see in the above picture is tape on the showroom floor & is the “Cross & Die” line. DSC02716In fact, this small Porsche showroom has been deserted & locked since the cars arrival & you can only get in with the accompaniment of an upper level employee. Needless to say, this car is being well looked after until it’s picked up by it’s new owner. DSC02718Personally, I think I might be scared to death to drive this thing. At least not until I had miles and miles of open pavement to myself (to get used to the car not having to worry about other drivers hitting me either), maybe some closed track Super Car lessons (if there is such a thing) & definitely some refresher defensive driving & emergency maneuver lessons. Remember, I look at wrecked/crashed cars for a living and have heard all the stories. DSC02719
I think some safety precautions are in order for what basically is the equivalent to McMansion on wheels that can relocate itself down the street in 2.2 seconds. DSC02722All in all, a beautiful & ferocious car. Evidently, you can order it in any color you want. I personally don’t feel that this car needs the screaming green that this one is currently dressed in, but to each their own. If you’re throwing down close to a Million dollars on a Super Car, you better dang well get any color you please. DSC02721For the Eagle Eyes stopping by, you’ve already noticed that the Acura store is right next to this Porsche show room. I don’t know. I think I’d still rather have the new NSX. I’m sure if you bought this 918, Porsche would be sure to take care of you, likely even sending you your half of a “BFF FOREVER” necklace pendant. But Acura/Honda has the long history of not only innovation (1st Gen NSX & 2nd Gen NSX) but also has the quality behind it as well. Then there’s the “How fast do you really need to go?” factor. Lets be honest, anything over 150mph, you’re riding destiny into the sunset as it is. Over 200mph? If you even fart wrong at that speed you could easily turn into the kid that was dared to get into the barrel & rolled down the hill.

If I wasn’t a father now & drove these type of cars for a living, I’m sure I’d feel different. But this is all daydreams any way. The likelihood of me ever having that kind of cash at my disposal (much less have an overall net value at this level) I somehow doubt Id be spending it on one car anyway.

What do you guys think? If you could have any Super Car of any Vintage, & money was no option, What would it be? Sound off in the comments & Feel free to post a Pic. I’ll Start,

If I had to choose one car? It would be the Vintage Mid-to Late 90’s McLaren F1

1995 McLaren F1 GTR; top car design rating and specifications

For those that don’t know this little tidbit of information, when the creators of the McLaren F1 were doing initial research, they obviously started with driving a whole fleet of supercars to see which one they wanted to use as a model and a starting point. Out of all the Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Bugatti’s (remember, pre Veyron Era) & Maserati’s, it was hands down the Acura NSX that the McLaren team felt was the best overall Super Car to base their own, soon to be fastest and most sought after car in the world. If that isn’t a compliment to Acura’s achievement with the NSX, then I don’t know what is.

If money were a consideration, I’d definitely be garaging a 1st Gen NSX. More specifically, a ’97 Spa Yellow on black NSX-T, Bone stock. (sigh, maybe one day)

Maintenance Costs

I have been asked this before by a few people & again recently by a couple more… What has it cost in upkeep and maintenance (yearly) for my TSX? So since I enjoyed my first full weekend off in 4 months, I took some time to go back thru the records to answer this question. Here is the breakdown & results:

2005:  5 – 15,000 miles

Annual Maintenance Costs: $105.00

Parts needing Replacement: N/A

2006: 15,001 – 45,542 miles

Annual Maintenance Costs: $886.23

Parts needing Replacement: N/A

2007: 51,757 – 96,400

Annual Maintenance Costs: $1,844.32

Parts needing Replacement: Driver Door Power Door Lock Actuator

2008: 104,908 – 155,143 miles

Annual Maintenance Costs: $1,538.55

Parts needing Replacement: N/A

2009: 160,509 – 200,065

Annual Maintenance Costs: $1,099.16

Parts needing Replacement: N/A

2010: 204,994 – 250,769

Annual Maintenance Costs: $1,698.10

Parts needing Replacement: Reman NAV

2011: 255,451 – 305,110

Annual Maintenance Costs: $750.60

Parts needing Replacement: N/A

2012: 310,020 – 350,366

Annual Maintenance Costs: $2,042.48

Parts needing Replacement: Battery, Starter, Cooling Fan Motor

2013: 356,253 – 385,365

Annual Maintenance Costs: $1,054.31

Parts needing Replacement: Rt Frt Door Power Door Lock Actuator, Engine Splash Shield

2014: 390,101 – 423,638

Annual Maintenance Costs: $4,329.17

Parts needing Replacement: AC System Complete, Water Pump

2015: 430,326 – Present

Annual Maintenance Costs: $1,644.13

Parts needing Replacement: Battery, Radiator, Frt Rotors, Alternator

So there it is. From this information, you can break this down to dollars per mile if you were so inclined to do so.  A side note on these figures, these amounts do not include tires, or windshields. I go thru a set of tires every year & have replace 3 windshields. These numbers also do not include parts that I needed to replace due to my recent accident, Like the Rt Frt Suspension, Cradle or Steering Rack.

For a breakdown of the above numbers, please feel free to go thru all the maintenance that I’ve scanned and put up for your perusal.

Coming up in the next month or so will be replacement of all 4 Struts & all Bushings front & rear. I can’t wait to feel the ride difference after 450k miles on the original suspension!

That’s all for me this time. Hope you enjoyed it!

Next Weekend will be the 2nd Edition of TSX Love! See you again soon!DSC04834

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17 Responses to New Facebook & Instagram & Yearly Maintenance Costs. Got a Million Dollars?

  1. Carlos says:

    If money was no object, I would consider the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. I saw one parked on the street and I stood next to it. WOW!!!!!! It is a work of art. Incredible looks. In my opinion, there has never been a car that looks as awesome as the Huracan. Check out the link below. As beautiful as it looks in those pictures, the pics don’t do the car justice. It is incredible.

  2. gardel says:

    If money was not an issue…well, hard to say. Vintage, it could be a 1972 mercedes SL, a Volvo p1800 or a 1972 Porsche 911….or even a Jaguar S Type! Now for a modern exotic, the McLaren F1 is certainly one. The Original 1992 Honda NSX was regarded as the best handling sports car. Racing Legend Ayrton Senna was among the developers. I would love to drive one of those. Also the 2008 NIssan GTR, even though I don’t particulary die for the looks, it’s a great alternative. It’s more street friendly than a Lamborghini or Ferrari and…you don’t have to replace all belts every 5 thousand miles… Honda NSX is probably the one I would take. The most beautiful: Pagani Zonda (mercedes amg engine).

  3. Accordion says:

    You need to fly to France and inspect this crashed 918. I just hit 216K in my 07 Accordion (same generation as your TSX). I only got 292K out of my 97 Sieve Ick.

  4. Carlos says:

    Hello Josh. Several questions.

    1) You mention getting a new starter in 2012. Why did you change it? Did the old one fail on you or you just changed it before it broke as preventative maintenance?

    2) You replaced the cooling fan motor in 2012. Did it break? Did the car overheat? Or did you just change it as preventative maintenance?

    3) You replaced the water pump in 2014. Was was wrong with the old water pump? Did the old pump leak water or malfunction? Did your car overheat? Was the old pump making noise? Or did you just decide to change the old one before it broke?

    4) Have you ever changed the timing chain or the chain tensioner?

    • clymerdude says:

      Hey Carlos, Here’s your answers…
      1) The starter was just slowing down. It wasn’t even to the point of that gut wrenching shriek/grind instead of turning the car over. That was more preventative.
      2) The cooling fan motor did break. & the car would run hot. Never overheated, but I didn’t really give it a chance to. As soon as something goes wrong, I’m at the dealer the same or next day.
      3) When the AC system was being replaced, the tech noticed the water pump was leaking. Not malfunction and was still working. But since everything was out and had easy access to the pump, I decided to have them replace it.
      4) Neither the chain or the tensioner have been replaced.

  5. tysonhugie says:

    Welcome to the Facestagram / InstaBook world! I’m following you on both! I’m trying to claim #1 fan status, but I think Carlos has me beat by at least 1/2 mile. That’s a pretty B-A Porsche and I wouldn’t mind owning one. Nice work on the maintenance expense breakdown. That took some time to put together. Interestingly enough, my Legend has required the same # of windshield replacements as your TSX too. My maint spreadsheet doesn’t include tires either. I swapped wheels/tires so frequently it didn’t even make sense to track them.

  6. Sunny says:

    Nice to see you on social media! I am following on both. As for a supercar with money not being a consideration, I would choose the McLaren P1 simply for the power and how it looks. I think it looks phenomenal and it’s fast! But if I had to choose a car that I would have to drive everyday, I would be torn between the Nissan GTR and the Honda/Acura NSX.

  7. Pingback: Q & A , & Walk Around | TSX Travels "Have TSX-Will Travel"

  8. kt says:

    did you replace brake pads and rotors? how many times and how often have you done timing belt? fantastic blog, gives me inspiration to keep my car longer but i’m in the market for a tsx

    • kt says:

      my apologies, just realized it uses a chain.

    • clymerdude says:

      I do a lot of freeway driving, so the pads can last me well over 100k miles a pop. The rotors I’ve only had to replace all four, just once. I got about 3 “turns” out of them, then were too thin to do a 4th & had to replace them. So not too shabby. Of course it will depend on your driving conditions…

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