Falconry, & Other Flippin’ Sweet Things.

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen some pretty cool things. As always, I’m happy to share. First, We’ll start with this guy…51120735If you recognize this him, you’ve likely seen the 2004 Napoleon Dynamite movie. You may also know that it was filmed in Preston, Idaho on a budget of a mere $400,000. Jon Heder playing the lead role of Napoleon, was originally paid a lousy $1,000. After the movies runaway success, going on to make over $46 Million, Heder renegotiated his compensation contract for a undisclosed percentage of profits. Not too shabby for his first time out.

I recently received an assignment in Preston to go inspect a damaged John Deere tractor. This was in the rest room… Mmm OK?DSC06077 While I was out that way (it is in the South East corner of the state) How could I resist hunting down some of the shooting sites from the movie! Like Napoleon’s House…DSC06116The house was showing some definite signs of wear since the filming. I’m only showing the house and not the property. Mostly because it looks like Sanford and Son moved in. There are broken down vehicles and tractors and sheds & a full assortment of trash. It really was a little heartbreaking. The neighboring lot where Tina “Ya Fat Lard, Come get some dinner” (The llama) was penned for the shooting is now just an open field. The fence is gone & the field itself is showed signs of being maintained.  Across the street were the mountains that Uncle Rico bet Kip he could throw a football over (after nailing Napoleon in the face with Kip’s steak). Actually being there and seeing just how far away those mountains are makes his boast even funnier.DSC06117

Pedro’s house on the other hand is right in the middle of town & looks like it has been well taken care of. DSC06110I didn’t see anybody doing any sweet jumps, but there was a large dog holding down the yard.

The high school is right around the corner from Pedro’s house…literally.DSC06113Then on the far outskirts of town, is Summer’s house. You may remember Pedro leaving a cake on the doorstep.DSC06114This house sits next to what appears to be a small cattle farm. It was about 15 minutes out of town. But still looks the same. It was kind of neat to see the houses in person. Can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since that movie came out.napoleon5

Switching gears, I also had the chance to do something that I never thought I’d do before…Falconry. Now, I say this extremely loosely as I was just accompanying the actual Falconer, my friend Dr. Afshin Mofid. The “Doc” as I call him, has a past & life that would fill several blog posts and would be a long and interesting read. Perhaps one day he will write an autobiography and gift me a signed copy (Wink, Wink, Doc). In a nutshell, he is originally from Tehran, Iran when he moved to New York and became a major part of the New York Ballet as one of the male lead dancers. After hurting his back practicing his craft, he went to see a chiropractor and was so amazed by the results of his visits, he decided to study the chiropractic art himself. He now has a successful chiropractic practice here in Boise. I’ve been to several chiropractors in my time, and he is by far my favorite. He has helped me overcome my lower back pain & also treated The Princess during her pregnancy carrying Luke. I mean, come on… you gotta love a chiropractor that is a self described “Crack Addict”! Get it? He kills me.

So, if all this wasn’t enough for you, he’s also a rugged outdoors man, and yes, a Falconer, or Austringer. It was the very last weekend of the Falconry season, & The Doc graciously let me accompany him on this last outing. On the drive out to the foothills of Boise/ Eagle, I peppered The Doc with as many questions as I could about the sport. While driving out in his immaculate Toyota FJ Cruiser…IMG_1441…The Doc educated me about what all was involved in training & housing his bird. The Doc owns a Goshawk named Vashti (from the Old Testament) & from a little research found the meaning of the name to be uncertain. But as a modern Persian name, it denotes “Goodness”, but can also be used as a superlative adjective meaning “Best or Excellent” in the feminine sense.

Here is The Doc & Vashti…IMG_1442IMG_1443Needless to say, Vashti was beautiful & I was loving Doc’s shirt. I had to laugh because on the phone he told me to wear neutral colors so I wouldn’t freak out the bird, & he shows up in that little number. Haha! But it made sense as Vashti was not familiar with me & two shirts of that caliber would have likely given the bird an aneurism.

We walked around for an hour or so, releasing Vashti a few times to chase down potential prey. I learned a lot about this sport in the short time in The Doc’s company, & for that I that you Doc. For example, Falconers weigh their birds in grams before a hunt. It’s important to feed the bird properly, of course, but they also need to be hungry if they’re going to hunt. You can also buy a bird from a certified breeder and teach it to hunt, or you can catch them in the wild and teach it to be loyal and come back. I also learned that patience is #1 on the list of qualities needed to become a Falconer. Vashti found a nice tall tree & it took over 30 minutes to get her to come back down again. There was just way to much for her to see up there.  Can you spot Vashti in the tree? Hint (Upper Lt corner)IMG_1450Despite the shirt, The Doc sweet talked her back down again and decided to feed her. IMG_1454She plowed thru that pheasant pretty quickly.

We got rained out, so it was a quick trip. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to this upcoming season. I’ll need to get a better lens for my camera . These birds move extremely fast. I also need to figure out how to increase shutter speed on my Canon. But I’ll be better prepared for next time out for the hunt. Thanks again Doc! I really did enjoy my time with you and Vashti!

I also hit this odometer milestone…DSC07107Any one know what this is? DSC06996That’s right! It’s a Tesla Model S. We have a couple running around in Boise. Tesla was out this way a couple years ago and hosting test drives. I’ve been kicking myself for missing that!

I also came across Red Rock Pass. Going up these cement stairs wasn’t a big deal. But coming back down with my bad knees, no hand rails and high winds was a little hairy!

DSC06122But the view was worth it. This rock formation was pretty cool. DSC06120Photo Op! The front end is still looking pretty good. Although it’s already showing some pitting. I missed my window for the clear bra. Not real happy about that either.DSC06123

I’ve also done some additional maintenance in the last couple months that needs updating. A couple months ago during an inspect, Eagle Eye Craig found some seeping on the aftermarket radiator. It’s only been about 6 months or so since it was replaced due to my collision, so I opted to put an OEM radiator back in. After all, I didn’t have one single problem with the last OEM radiator in over 400k miles. So back to OEM it went. I still have the receipt for the AM radiator and was told they would refund my money (something like $250) once I brought the old one back to them. It’s been sitting in the truck of the TSX for about a month now. Maybe I should make the time to go drop it off…

Oil Change & Radiator

On this last Friday I was back at my favorite Acura Dealer, Lyle Pearson in Boise for my 445,000 oil change! Only 5,000 miles away from the 2nd 400k milestone! It seems like it’s been going by very fast. At this rate I should be seeing 500k some time next spring or summer. Either way, the TSX is showing no signs of slowing down! She was in for the customary 5k oil change and to check the AC & brakes. The AC showed a low freon charge & Chris took care of that like a champ. Love that guy! The front brake pads are getting close, so in the next visit or two I’ll be taking care of that. Still on the original shocks (believe it or not), and everything else looked good. Travis 2.0 put me in a ’16 RDX with all the bells & whistles during the inspection, so I could get my inspections done. Can’t wait to see the ’16 models start hitting the loaner fleet!

Oil Change & Check Up

Friday also included a new windshield! I think it’s only the 3rd or 4th since the car was new. I tend to wait until it’s pitted so bad that you go blind when the sun hits it just right. $205 & the guy came to the house. Not bad.

That catches us up to date on the ongoing quest for 500,000 miles. We’re getting close & I’m starting to get excited. As always, thanks for stopping by & I do hope you enjoyed your time while you were here. See you again soon!DSC07300

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10 Responses to Falconry, & Other Flippin’ Sweet Things.

  1. Carlos says:

    I have never seen Napoleon Dynamite but have heard good things about it. I want to see it now because of your blog. I have put it at the top of my Netflix queue.

  2. Jordan Clymer says:

    Carlos, it gets funnier every time you see it 😉 and I had no idea Doc was a falconer. If there is a Persian beer brand, he should play the ‘most interesting man’ counterpart for them.

  3. tysonhugie says:

    There is so much good content in here. I’m going to re-read the post a few times. First of all, the “Tractor’s Sexy” is a reference to a Kenny Chesney country song. Love it. Now, Napoleon Dynamite. I can’t believe that was 11 years ago. I was born in Logan, Utah only about 30 minutes south of Preston, so I’ve been to Preston many times. Look at this picture of me and the ILX in front of Napoleon’s house in July 2012!

    We didn’t go see all the other cool movie destinations like you did. One of these days I will. I learned a lot about Falconry in here. Here is my 444,444 picture like yours. It was taken in Tucson, Arizona in October 2010.

    That’s a sweet Tesla Model S. I see them around quite a bit here. I’ve heard they’re fast – especially in “insane” mode. Apparently that’s really a thing!

    Good job on going OEM with the radiator. I’ve had better luck with those than anything else. Definitely worth the extra coin. ONWARD to 500k! Nice post Josh.

    • clymerdude says:

      Wow! Nice comment. I didn’t even know you could post pics in the comments section! I still dont know how to attach links to words like you do all the time in your blog. Obviously I’m still a novice and have a long way to go to achieve Jedi.

  4. Robertfe says:

    Did you mean you got a 2015 RDX? I thought the 2016s weren’t around until April?

    I really like the changes they made to the 2016. My grandmother was going to get a Toyota Highlander Limited to replace her 06 Muraro, but now the RDX with advanced package is looking pretty good too. Choices choices.

    • clymerdude says:

      Hi Robert,
      We have ’14 RDX. We got it in Sept of ’13. Almost 20k miles already. The Princess loves it . You’re right about the ’16 styling. Very nice. Almost makes me wish we waited. Choices, choices… 🙂

  5. pawela says:

    Great post here! Looks like things are going well for the TSX. The front end still looks nice and fresh. I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve 500K easily with the care and attention you’re giving it. Keep on rollin’!

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks Jason! Been a while since I’ve head from you. Almost had a heart attack when I visited your blog & saw a Mazda instead of the TL. Congrats on the new acquisition!

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