Swan Valley, Service Invoices & Uruguay

It would be an understatement to say that I’ve been busier than I’d like, and can barely handle it. The fact that it’s taken me a full month to update my blog is more of a wake up call than anything. Things need to change & change fast. I have a game plan, I just need time to get things set up and implement them. We got our first snow storm last week. Eight inches in two days. The valley recorded over 1500 accidents in those two days. As the days went by, the snow slowly melted away with clear skies. Except for the valley that is. We got a weeks worth of inversion and fog instead. So the snow and ice decided to hunker down & refused to leave for the next week. So we recorded another 50 – 70 accidents per day after the initial storm. We finally warmed up to the low 40’s and got some rain, and now it’s back to normal again.

But enough of the weather. It’s time to get on with it. One of the places I had the chance to visit in the last few weeks was a little place called Swan Valley. I didn’t see any swans, so they may be seasonal. But what a beautiful little valley. I had to drive out to see a couple cars, same owner. The brother was driving his truck out in the mountains with the sister following in Mom’s Mercedes SUV. They rounded a bend and found a cow standing in the middle of the road, just chewing it’s cud. Well, the brother stopped in time. The sister, well, lets just say Mom needs a new SUV…

This pic is coming into the area…DSC05284In their driveway…DSC05330In their back yard…DSC05335During the 30 or so minutes I was on their property I saw over a dozen deer. As we stood there shooting the breeze for a few minutes a rather distinct looking bird was flying toward us. It was a Bald Eagle! My camera was already back in it’s bag so I failed to get a pic. But apparently this property has several Bald Eagle nesting in the trees within their 20 acre property. Jealous much? One of the coolest features of the property was this…DSC05334An authentic “Life Size” Tee Pee. It was awesome. It had to have been over 20 ft in diameter. As you can see on the inside, it had plenty of room to hang out in.DSC05333DSC05332Like I wasn’t jealous enough about the Bald Eagles, right? But this has inspired me. The princess has been talking about getting Luke a play house in the back yard when he’s a little older. Screw that! I’m building Jr. a Tee Pee. Not quite so big I think, But I’m definitely going to do it!

When I was about to leave, the guy asked if I had seen the waterfall?

What? I asked, You’re telling me you have your own waterfall too!?

Well, no. He said. But you can see it from here. So back out to the back yard with some binoculars, and sure enough. There it was. It was no Shoshone Falls or anything. But still cool. I got some quick directions and was off to check it out. Back the way I came, over the bridge, sharp left. In a couple miles the road goes to dirt, look for the sign…DSC05336


DSC05340I took a quick video leaving the car and walking over to the falls…


I’ve been promising invoice updates for a little while now, and now it’s time to deliver.

Once I finally got the car rebuilt, I was finally able to get the car it’s 410k oil change. 410180

After the wreck, the AC was acting up. So it needed some work. Here’s the additional invoices for the AC.



AC Condensor

Then came the 415k oil change


And then there was the 420k oil change. Still no problems. Back on track.


I always put a fresh set of tires on the TSX in Nov so I have a fresh set of rubber for the winter. Of course I wasn’t in time for our first snow storm. But at least I’m ready for the rest of the season.


As you can see, I’m very close to my first 400k milestone. 425k is just around the corner!

Lets not forget the RDX. It finally required it’s 2nd oil change in it’s first year. Mostly because I put over 4,000 miles on it while my car was being repaired from the collision.


So that catches us up on the invoices for now. Coming up soon will be the 425,000 report.

But before we wrap it up this time around, you’ll recall I mentioned Uruguay.

Most people that are drawn to this type of blog love & appreciate their cars. Acura & Honda’s mostly no doubt.  But more than that is a spirit for adventure and travel. Experiencing the unknown where the trip is as much fun and holds just as much importance as the destination.  When I was younger, I moved around quite  a bit. This was mostly due to an unusual childhood and a thirst for experience.  I’ve been working since I was 12 years old & paid for most trips on my own. I started traveling on my own when I was 14, & by 19 years old had been on my first cross country road trip with my 18 year old cousin in his 1982 Z28 Camaro.  Over 13,000 miles in 30 days. Starting in San Diego, CA, to Key West, FL to Niagara Falls, NY, to Bellingham, WA & back to San Diego Area.

By the time I was 25, I had been in every state in this country, except for about 8 or so, by plane, train, car or bus. I had also been in Mexico, Canada, England & Australia. This sense of travel and craving for new places also runs in the family. I have 4 younger brothers, me being the oldest it goes….Me/Josh, Jarrod, Jordan, James, & John. The youngest two are currently in Uruguay with Dad. James ( about 20 now) is into media & wants to make a documentary about his leaving his life back in the states and making a go of it down in Uruguay. Covering his arriving in a country he’s never set foot in before, learning a new culture, language, getting a job and possibly even becoming a citizen. He has his project outlined on kickstarter.com. Here is the link:

After watching the video you can click on the “K” on the top left to go to the sight.

Honestly, part of me really envies him. I do miss the days of being able to decide on a whim, to go check out Maui for a couple weeks. Then a few weeks after that getting on a plane for Australia for a couple weeks. The days of having virtually zero responsibilities & living for the moment. But if it meant giving up the Princess & my Little Man? Not interested.  I love being a family man too much to try to relive my youth. These kinds of trips are for James and his generation now. Which is why I’m happy to tell others of his goals and en devours. When he’s older and has a family of his own, he’ll have his own stories to tell his children. Much like we all do as parents.  But if I ever do get down to Uruguay, it will be with my family & even better, in one of my Acura’s.

If you find yourself in a position to,  & have a desire to help support James’s goals, I know he would appreciate it very much. Even small amounts from many backers will make the difference. I had never used kickstarter myself before, but found the site very interesting. I also learned it was affiliated with Amazon.com which made it extremely easy to become a backer not just of James, but many projects.

As always I appreciate everyone stopping by to check on my progress. Next post will be the 425,000 check up! Be safe & get out there and let your spirit of adventure stretch it’s legs!



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3 Responses to Swan Valley, Service Invoices & Uruguay

  1. Carlos says:

    That house has a beautiful backyard with its own private stream running by. Just beautiful.

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Man, I really admire James’ sense of adventure! That would be so difficult to start over in a whole new country. I will definitely have to keep tabs on his project. Thanks for sharing the video. You totally need to build Luke a teepee next summer. And wow – that waterfall. Idaho has some great ones! Looking forward to your 425k report coming up soon. Keep the updates coming.

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