White Bird, ID. Should have brought the RDX…

It’s still fairly busy with work and I’m not updating near as often as I’d like, but one of the places I want to share with everybody is a little place called White Bird, ID. This quaint river town sits next to an offshoot of The Salmon River. It’s just outside my territory, but the Northern office didn’t want to make the drive down. I’ve only driven thru this place once before and was looking forward to getting a better look.

After heading North from my place for almost 4 hours, I arrived in town. I came all this way to look at an 1988 Ford Pickup belonging to one of the nicest older couples I’ve ever met, Lewis & Linda. I won’t say a whole lot about them personally as I want to respect their privacy. You’ll see why in a little bit.

I spoke with Lewis before heading out, & he said cell service wasn’t so hot where he lived. But I should cross The Silver Bridge & give him a call when I’m there. Of course, there was NO cell service. So I punched in the address he gave me, (even though they were just recently assigned an actual address after 9/11) and sure enough, up came the address in my Acura NAV. It was WAY out there, but Lewis did say that he kept a P.O. Box in town because The Mail didn’t deliver out there. Besides, I wasn’t leaving until I found them anyway. So off I went. I started at the base of the river.DSC05000Then crossed The Silver Bridge, which I’ll show you on the way out. I wanted to see if the NAV in fact knew where this couple lived. After the asphalt turned to dirt following a series of switchbacks to the top of the mountain you see in the pic above, the road split and got extremely narrow. The “road” in fact turned into more of a trail. Weeds and plants about roof line high at this point. Lots of rocks and debris made the progress down to a crawl. And then I saw this…DSC05001It was at this point I decided “Screw this! Nobody lives this far out!” & to turn back. I got out of the thick of it a little bit to snap a pic. This curving dirt road is when the road was still really good, to give you an idea. But just around that last corner, it went downhill (pun intended) fast!DSC05005This curvy trail goes down into a small valley and then goes back up the mountain you see in the background. Looking around, there was absolutely nothing around, yet the NAV said I was almost there! Only 3/4 of a mile to go! Yeah Right! Maybe if I wanted to see more cows. So I came back out to where it was a little easier going & tried to call Lewis. I had one sliver of signal, & it took 5 times for the call to connect, but it did. When Lewis asked where I was, I replied “Currently enjoying the view from the top of a mountain.” DSC05008Then he asked… “Are you in a white car?” What the…? “Yes” I said. “Can you actually SEE ME!?” He wasn’t sure and asked if I was sitting in the car, which I was. “Can you get out, so I know for sure?” I said “You Bet.” and opened my car door to get out. Before I could even get both feet on the ground Lewis said, “Yup, that’s you.” I got out of the car and looked around. “Where the hell are you!?” I asked him. He laughed and said to look behind the car about half way up the remaining mountain side. DSC05013

You can just make out his place above my roof. This is the reason I want to respect their privacy. Anyone who lives this far out treasures privacy, and peace and quiet. But I must say… Well played Acura Nav. Well played. It was taking me right to their doorstep. I tried continuing to his place, but alas, the TSX just couldn’t find enough purchase to make it up that small, but steep incline back to his cabin. Simply too much loose rock. In fact all I really accomplished was pissing off that cow. So I came back out to this spot and called Lewis to let him know I was in need of rescue. (If only I had brought the RDX) So while I waited for my hero to arrive, I took the opportunity to get a few shots of this scenic spot. DSC05019 DSC05014

So after the slow, but steady climb back to the cabin. I was able to get my job done. If you were able to find the cabin in the above picture, you’ll notice that there is still a little bit of mountainside above their cabin. Well, unfortunately, this rock…DSC05042decided that it no longer was satisfied as to it’s place in the world. During it’s relocation it sadly came across Linda’s beloved Ford pickup. As she watched in stunned disbelief, (yes, she actually saw it happen) this boulder came bouncing down the mountainside taking one last dastardly leap off the ground before customizing the cab of the trusty Ford. DSC05033After the inspection the three of us got to talking for quite a while. We laughed, we cried, we had a wonderful time covering all subjects. It’s always nice to meet good people. Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt that they could be family? Or wished they were? That’s what it was like with Lewis & Linda. It truly was my pleasure.  My only regret is that they are so far away & outside my regular territory. Because I would definitely take them up on their offer to visit the next time I’m in the area. But I feel it may not be anytime soon. But I will always appreciate that rock, because it gave me the chance to meet a wonderful couple. Oh, & the happiest dog alive. Check him out lounging on the patio bench!DSC05041Here’s what Lewis was looking at when we were on the phone…DSC05022See that white dot by the bend in the road? It’s no wonder he needed binoculars to see me!

They actually saw me driving up the first time and jokingly said “Here comes the insurance guy!” Five minutes later, their phone rang & it was me. I guess the joke was on them. Little did they know it was the TSX guy that will drive his car just about anywhere!

Sadly, it was time to head home. It had already gotten pretty late & I wouldn’t make it home in time for dinner, much less say good night to my little man. But I was looking forward to a nice dinner at the Pancake House in McCall on the way home. But even that was still an hour and a half away. So after saying good bye to Linda and their lovely cabin on the mountain, my hero Lewis shuttled me back to my awaiting pearl white chariot. I really hope I get a chance to see them again.

On my way back down the mountain, I stopped and took a few more pics. How could I not? The area was beautiful and I wasn’t in a rush. The dirt road down the mountainside was full of switchbacks, but very well maintained. DSC05044Looking over the side you can see the valley and the series of switchbacks. It was extremely fun to drive but had me wishing the TSX was rear wheel drive or better yet AWD.DSC05043Even the local wild life can’t help but stop and admire the TSX.DSC05047

I had to wait a few minutes for the bridge to clear, but here’s The Silver Bridge”.


DSC05052 DSC05050It was a long drive to see just one truck, but it was a good day and a memorable trip. I hope you had a good time reading about it. I still have these dealer invoices on my desk that I need to scan in for you. A few finishing touches from the collision repairs and some maintenance. At this point I think I’ll just wait until the 420k report Which will be coming up very soon! Thanks again for stopping by!



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9 Responses to White Bird, ID. Should have brought the RDX…

  1. Carlos says:

    You got to love that Acura NAV!!! You can never get lost with it. I have loved it ever since I got my TSX in 2005. Have you updated the NAV DVD or is it the original disc that came with the car?

    Great post.

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks Carlos. I have updated the NAV disc every 2-3 years & now have the latest (& what I’m told is the last update they will do for our car). It sure comes in handy. I use it for work every day and all day. I had to have the NAV unit itself reman’d somewhere in the early 300k era.

      • Carlos says:

        Why did the NAV unit need to be remanufactured? What was wrong with the old unit?

        The only glitch in my navigation screen is that for some reason, the trip computer does not give me the miles per gallon, the total miles driven, or the remaining miles left in the tank of gas. I don’t know if the trip computer is tied in to the NAV and if I need to get a new NAV to correct these problems. The NAV and GPS themselves work great to get me to a destination.

  2. Carlos says:

    I wish Miami had a temperature of 60 degrees like your temperature gauge indicates. It was in the low 80s today. 😦

  3. clymerdude says:

    I lived in Ft Myers for a few years. I know what you mean.

  4. tysonhugie says:

    Dang, that’s too bad about L&L’s F-150. Thing looked to be in pretty good shape for a 1988! What a great place for house or cabin, nestled up there on the side of the hill. I wonder how they get in/out of there when the snow starts to fly? Pretty isolated surroundings for sure. Sounds like you made a couple new friends (or a few, if you count the dog). Keep rolling to 420k!

    • clymerdude says:

      I guess a footnote is in order. Even though the NAV took me to their door, there was a much easier & faster route on year round maintained roads. The joke was on me as well… So it’s not so tough for them to get to town, even in the winter.

  5. Carlos says:

    Why did the NAV unit need to be remanufactured? What was wrong with the old unit?

    The only glitch in my navigation screen is that for some reason, the trip computer does not give me the miles per gallon, the total miles driven, or the remaining miles left in the tank of gas. I don’t know if the trip computer is tied in to the NAV and if I need to get a new NAV to correct these problems. The NAV and GPS themselves work great to get me to a destination.

    • clymerdude says:

      mine was starting to lock/freeze up & I’d have to restart the car to get it to restart. So I had them send it in and give it an overhaul. not a big deal considering how much I use it.

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