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You know you’re busy when the only time you have to update your blog, is while sitting in the Acura show room waiting for the Princesses RDX to be serviced. Yet here I am amongst the cars I like best. To my right is a 2015 white TLX in a 6 cylinder with Tech and ground kit, and to my left is the twin to the Princesses RDX. Only a year newer and 15k less miles. During the last couple months I’ve come to appreciate the RDX so much more. The few weeks behind it’s wheel was a pleasure to drive, & in all kinds of terrains. I have come to understand fully why I see them all over the valley during my drives. This is one of my favorite pics to date of the RDX.

DSC02497I’m not sure why, it just is. I was out in the Wendell, ID area looking at a couple irrigation set ups that went a foul and tipped over. In this field, the corn got so high, the plants literally grabbed the framework and pulled it over as it tried to pass. As I may have mentioned earlier, while the TSX was reminiscing about it’s youth with the other new Acura’s in the showroom, waxing poetic of all the places it’s been & things it’s seen & likely also bragging about how much it’s owner loves her, I was driving a 2015 RDX W/Tech courtesy Lyle Pearson Acura. There’s not much difference between the ’14 & ’15 RDX so it was like being at home again, just in a different color. You may recongnise this setting…DSC02866

One of the things I like about driving into old small towns, are things like this old gas pump…DSC02864

You may also recognise the business in the background as well.


I also gave hypermiling a try and walked away with these numbers from a McCall trip…DSC02274Not too shabby for a SUV Eh?

It was a big difference getting back into the TSX after driving the wife’s car for such a long stretch. The difference in feel was immediate and 10 years of technology makes a huge difference. I hate to say it but, it almost felt like I was back behind the wheel of an ’02 Accord, & not my beloved TSX. This also makes it very hard to go into Acura to have the TSX serviced every month, with these beautiful TLX’s relentlessly staring at me. I’ve driven the 6 cylinder and all I have to say is, when it’s time to retire the TSX, the TLX will definitely be my next set of wheels. Are you listening Acura? You guys NAILED IT with this car!

Now that I’m covering the entire southern 2/3rds of the state, the time & miles behind the wheel of the TSX are racking up a lot quicker now. Every time I have to drive out to the east side of the state for an inspection, it’s at least 500+ miles. Last week I had to make that trip twice. So once again the TSX feels like home.

The princess still drives the TSX once in a while. She started going to these kettle bell classes & she really enjoys them. They are a couple times a week, and during these outings, she drives my car & leaves me with the RDX (which has the car seat in it) just in case I need to get Luke out of the house in a hurry. She comments on the difference in feel all the time. But this morning, she called to inform me that she had a flat tire & wanted to know if I trusted her with changing out the spare. Since she didn’t sound to awfully confident in her ability in tire swaps, I ran out to meet her and get it handled. This was the first time in 10 years of owning the TSX that we’ve ever had a flat tire. I knew I had a full size donut spare, but was relieved when I found it still had air in it. So I swapped it out while making the wife watch the steps involved so she could add this skill to her resume’ as well. DSC04954So I’ll be back down here at my favorite dealer again tomorrow morning to get the tire taken care of as well. I didn’t see a nail in the tire after I had it off, but the guys here at Acura will find out what it is & get it taken care of. I hope so anyways, as I have a 400 mile day tomorrow for 2 inspections.

Some other things of note in the last few weeks was this roll over Toyota Sienna van…..Ouch!DSC03694 DSC03689There were some fires in the mountains a couple weeks back, and I got a nice look at this Awesome Air Crane! Talk about a workhorse! What a crazy job that must be.DSC02254At CoPart they had quite a bit of total loss burns for some reason. Check out Burn out Row…DSC02681I also don’t see too many BBQ Boats now that I think about it…DSC03385It’s a shame, as it looked like it was a nice boat. It wasn’t just vehicles either…DSC00262I also stopped by Lyle Pearson as I told they had some super hot Japanese models hanging out. Sure enough, there they were all lined up.DSC04063 DSC04062 All in all, it’s been a very busy last few weeks. Too busy in fact. I work about 12 hours a day, plus weekends. Granted, the work isn’t physically taxing or even difficult. It just takes up all my time. I’m tired of not having time to play with Luke (can you believe he’s almost 2 years old already?) & not having time to watch a movie with the wife. So I’m going to try implementing some changes over the next month to see if I can get some of my life back. This will also free up more time to update the blog more often. Once a month is not good enough for me personally. I also need time to start exorcising again. I’m not getting any younger & if I want to see Luke into his 20’s and 30’s, I need start doing something about my health as well. Big changes for me to end this year so I can start next year right. Wish me luck!

In closing I wanted to share my rendition of a Jackson Pollock.DSC04604 DSC04607I’ll post the latest maintenance invoices for both the TSX & RDX next time. My time is up. Until next time. Be safe out there!DSC04956

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7 Responses to Back to Work

  1. Mo says:

    Good to see you back! Hoping the TSX is running new again after all that work! Funny I had a flat a couple months ago in mine as well. Looks like you love the TLX and RDX! Any reason why not to chose the RDX over the TLX?

  2. Carlos says:

    “I also need time to start exorcising again.”

    I hope you meant “exercising”. 🙂 Exercise will definitely extend your lifespan. Judging by what happened to the main characters in the movie “The Exorcist”, I don’t think you can say the same for exorcising. 🙂 I hope you saw that movie to get the humor.

    • clymerdude says:

      Good old “Eagle Eye” Carlos spotting my mistakes all the way from FL. At least I spelled exorcising right…. But what if I’m exorcising fat? haha Maybe the new diet craze? Split pea soup anyone?

  3. tysonhugie says:

    Luke is almost 2? My how time flies! Looks like you had some fun RDX adventures. I do love that shot of the Princess’ RDX in Wendell. Right at home in the farmland. Good luck with that tire replacement. I’m actually in the process of picking up a full size spare for the ILX so I don’t have to rely on the donut – if the need ever arises. Happy TSX travels and have a great weekend.

  4. clymerdude says:

    I ended up having to replace the tire. Chris remounted it and found it had a couple really bad bulges on the sidewall & inside the tire was a bunch of rubber shavings from the tire starting to come apart from the inside. Luckily, I had an extra tire sitting in my garage for a few years and took that with just in case. I’ due for a new set late next month anyways.

  5. Carlos says:

    “But what if I’m exorcising fat? haha Maybe the new diet craze? Split pea soup anyone?”

    LOL. Funny. I see that you have seen the Exorcist.

    I am NOT a big fan of violent, scary movies. However, I am a fan of movies that have had a strong, cultural impact on American society. And the Exorcist has had a large influence on popular culture. An Interesting note on “The Exorcist”: Did you know that this movie, on an inflation adjusted basis, is the 9th most successful movie in the history of film? Adjusted for inflation after its release in 1973, The Exorcist was more successful than many recent popular movies. It was bigger that Batman The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Avatar, and every single Harry Potter movie.

    Check out this link:

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