Rise of the Phoenix: Part 2 – The Return of the Indian Giver.

So as you already know from my last post, I bashed the front end of the TSX. A lot of people assume that rental car coverage is included in “Full Coverage” insurance policies. For most of the insurance companies, it is not included and is an “Add On” to the coverage. We had 3 vehicles when I last updated our coverage. So I declined the extra expense as we didn’t need it.  Of course we have the 2005 TSX, but we also had my wifes’ 1996 Tacoma pick up & most recently our 2014 RDX. “Had” being the focal word here. My wife recently sold her Tacoma. She only drove it about 1,000 miles a year or less, always opting to take the TSX in the evening when I got home, if she needed to go somewhere. That is until we bought her RDX. We thought the Tacoma just sat in the driveway before… Well, she hadn’t so much as started that truck since September last year when she brought home her wedding gift replacement that I had been promising her for years. So she sold the truck in early spring of this year. DSC01164

You may have heard the phrase “History repeats itself.” Well, true enough, it sure does. Being down to one vehicle now (for the time being) I have been forced to “borrow” the RDX for my inspections. Just like I “Borrowed” the TSX about 9 years ago. Only this time, she WILL get her RDX back. (wink, wink) So all those miles that would have been going on the TSX & getting me closer to my goal, is going on the Womans’ new RDX. Which i think so far, to me anyway, is the most irritating part about this whole thing. I love driving the RDX, but every mile that goes by, could have gone on the TSX. Oh well. Maybe next time I’ll pay closer attention and not wreck my own freaking car, right?

So during the course of repairs, I’ll be getting to use the RDX to get me around while the Princess is on Lock Down at home. It’s a smooth riding vehicle that handles pretty well considering it’s ground clearance. I’ll be happy to get back to the nimble handling of the TSX. But for now, it’s been comfortable and enjoyable to drive & carries me around to get my job done. And like always, run across some unusual things. Like this Beauty…DSC01546That’s right, a Pink Dodge Challenger Limo! This was a first for me. If you’re local to the Boise area & just have to have it, the number in the picture above is the number you want to call. 208-938-1726 to reach the Showcase Limousine office here in Boise. If you’re out of town, replace the 208 with 866. I’m told there are only 3 of these in the entire country.DSC01543And the inside you may wonder?DSC01545DSC01544Is it Pink enough? Only time will tell.

I was at one of the local Semi Truck repair shops. Kind of a Where’s Waldo Picture. Can you see the RDX. Looking a little wimpy next to these guys.DSC01231How about this ancient tractor I drove past out by Arco, ID? Is this thing cool or what? If this old piece of equipment doesn’t make you think “Industrial Age” I don’t know what will. This tractor was about 100 feet off the main road, but I had no problem getting out to it with the RDX’s AWD.DSC01775Speaking of industrial, I had the chance to visit one of Boise’s scrap metal recycling yards. Check out the claw on that boom arm! That machine moves thousands of pounds of scrap metal every single day. They had another machine fitted with a giant magnet. But it could not compete with the Cool factor of the claw!DSC01517The gas mileage hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. 31.4 is the highest I’ve seen it so far.DSC01588True, this was the start of a 250 miles day, but off to a nice start. I finished the day averaging 28.6 for the 250 miles. Not too shabby.

Lastly I want to share the sad fate of this 1993 Legend LS Coupe. She made it to 222,343. Not a bad run. But there’s no coming back from this one…DSC01285 DSC01287Next post will be the start of the TSX come back. Namely estimating the damage, & settling with the insurance company. The rest of the posts in the little series will be a little shorter than usual, so I’ll be trying to post a couple times a week until the TSX is back to her old self.

See you soon.

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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5 Responses to Rise of the Phoenix: Part 2 – The Return of the Indian Giver.

  1. Eric E says:

    Looking at that Challenger Limo , . . . now I know what the inside of a pepto bismol bottle looks like. . . .YUCK!

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Lol @ the Princess being on “lock down” at the house. Poor thang! RDX is getting some good miles put on it. The Challenger Limo would get a little bit more attention than I’d be comfortable with. And it’s too bad about that 1993 Legend. Looks like it ended up upside-down! Staying tuned for TSX progress pics. *gets bowl of popcorn*

  3. Carlos says:

    When do you estimate the TSX to be back on the road?

  4. Carlos says:

    I would much rather be looking at a beautiful white TSX than a pink limo. 🙂

  5. clymerdude says:

    TSX should be back on the road early next week. Mon/Tues. Im gathering all the pics to finish the mini series. & you know you like that limo Carlos! 🙂

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