The 2005 TSX & 2013 ILX Lowman, ID Throwdown!

When a Pro Blogger & fellow Acura enthusiast lets you know he’s coming to town, what do you do? Well, you find the funnest & most scenic stretch of road you can find in the area, & swap keys. Picture 008Over the July 4th weekend, Tyson Hugie of famed & myself did just that. As most of you know, the first stretch of road on the way to Salmon, ID is some of my favorite asphalt in Southern Idaho. Tyson has heard all about it and decided it was time to not only see this road for himself, but also to spend some time behind the wheel of my TSX. I don’t believe he’s ever had the pleasure of driving the 1st generation TSX before this encounter. I on the other hand have driven several ILX’s from the loaner fleet of my favorite dealer, Lyle Pearson Acura. But I haven’t driven a stick in years! So it was a bit of an adjustment for me to get back in the manual mode.

We met up around 9am July 4th at the hotel Tyson was staying at in Boise by the Airport. We gassed up, swapped keys & started logging miles in no time. Heading North on hwy21 thru Lucky Peak Lake is the beginning of the gentle curves and mountain scenery into the Boise National Forest. An hour later you enter Idaho City, which is a small town with an old west feel & charm to it. Picture 003There was a preteen’ish young man sweeping the store front when we pulled up for a quick stretch and quick discussion of Tyson’s preliminary thoughts on the TSX. Tyson asked the young man what the town had planned for the special day, & this guy rattled off every different kind of event & time schedule you could imagine from the pie eating contest, to the parade and closing with the fireworks show. This guy was the man! I never got his name, but he was friendly, had a sense of humor, good worker, and the kid hands down knew his stuff. I hope his parents are proud of him, & themselves. Only good parenting can raise a quality young man like this. But alas, we already had our day planned and needed to move on.

Back in the cars and on the road heading to Lowman, Tyson once again led the way in amazingly virtually zero traffic in the TSX. This is the stretch of road i wish I could drive everyday. Extreme curves, mountain views & fresh air flood the senses while you’re behind the wheel during this leg of the trip. The road starts off fairly mellow, but it winds tighter and tighter with every passing mile until you think you’re on some fantasy racetrack in the Grand Turismo series on the PlayStation.

We stopped several times to take advantage of the photo ops…Picture 005 Picture 007 Picture 009 Picture 011

Tyson, being from Arizona, Marveled about the rivers out here and how clear the water was…Picture 012Picture 015The new ILX is a nice car. Once I got used to the gearbox, & the fact that I had a 6th gear, it was “Row, Row, Row your boat” thru the curves like a dream. Some of things that stood out to me as far as differences between these two cars go, were these…

The sound. I don’t think Tyson switched out the exhaust, but the ILX had a much deeper & notably LOUDER exhaust note than the TSX. Tyson made the same observation about how much more quiet the TSX cabin was.

The handling. The ILX handled quite well. But I found it to have a little more body roll in the curves. Especially when I told Tyson to feel free to open up the TSX to truly appreciate its ability. I had a hard time keeping up with Tyson in some of the more technical turns. The TSX looked like a slot car on a race track shooting thru the corners. The ILX did well, don’t get me wrong, but I had a lot more verbal protesting from the ILX’s tires. They didn’t seem to care for me much at all. So I made up the distance in the straights.

Lastly were the seats. Now, I have my seats set up in a very specific way with a couple of outside items to complete the effect. I’ll go into this more in a future post. But the seats in the TSX seem to hold me & hug me every time I slide into thm. I didn’t get near the same feeling in the ILX. They were comfortable for sure. They just didn’t have the same “sporty” feel to them.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable drive out to Lowman. We stopped at the Sourdough Lodge for some outstanding omelets, & hit the road once again backtracking a few miles to catch the Banks Lowman Rd passing thru Garden Valley so Tyson could catch hwy 55 heading North to his final destination for the night, McCall. We swapped cars for about 3 hours that morning and I really did enjoy it. But if I had to pick the car I’d take home if I could do it all over again, I’d keep my TSX. But maybe I’m just being partial. Oh well.

Before we gave each other our cars back. we enjoyed one last stop so Tyson could enjoy the scenery. Here’s Tyson trying to figure out “why the water isn’t brown”? And “why is there so stinking much of it”?Picture 019  And here he is getting in the mix, risking life, limb & iPhone for live action water shots, because, “nobody back home will believe this!” to post on Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Elixio, LifeKnot, Ravelry or whatever else he posts all his adventures to. (OK. I googled “social media sights”) Picture 022

A couple last shots…Picture 024Picture 025Hopefully Tyson will forgive me for having a little fun at his expense, and knows I’m grateful for the meetup & the cruise. Oh, & FYI, after I got back in the TSX, I found myself reaching out to push a clutch pedal that wasn’t there the whole stinking way home. Funny how you don’t drive a stick for over 15 years, and after only 3 hours, it’s second nature again.

I hope you’ll join me for my next post for a unforeseen plot twist in my quest for 500,000!

Everyone be safe out there!

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2 Responses to The 2005 TSX & 2013 ILX Lowman, ID Throwdown!

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Haha, can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistakenly extended my leg to kick at a clutch pedal in an automatic car and ended up smashing a brake pedal instead! I enjoyed seeing your perspective on the drive up Hwy 21 & 55. It was a really great day. And indeed, all the photos I posted to Elixio and LifeKnot (whatever the crap those are!) were very well received, haha. I thoroughly enjoyed my few hours in the TSX and I was amazed at how sharply that car handled. It feels like a car with 1/10th of the miles. Plot twist, you say? * gets out the popcorn *

  2. Carlos says:

    Josh, it certainly looks like you have a TSX bias in that review. 🙂 You should do freelance work for Road and Track and Motor Trend magazines. I like it. 🙂

    One of the reasons the TSX may be better in the handling department is the five point multi link suspension in the rear. My mechanic has marveled at it when he has looked at it while doing oil changes. He drives a regular Honda Civic which has only three points in the rear linkage. The five point multi link suspension hugs the road as you are turning.

    Tyson: Does the ILX also have a five point multilink suspension in the rear?

    Another reason why the TSX may have handled more sharply is that it has a regular power steering pump with power steering fluid flowing thru it. My understanding is that the ILX has a electric power steering unit without the power steering fluid. Most cars nowdays are going to electric power steering because it makes the car more fuel efficient. The downside is that it may decrease the feel of the steering wheel.

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