More Salmon? Yes Please! & Bonus Material!


A few times a year I get an inspection assignment on the far reaches of my territory, Salmon, ID. As some of my older readers have seen, & know, this is a pretty long drive for me. It’s about 5 & 1/2 hrs each way that is usually done in a “Turn & Burn” (drive there & back on the same day). It’s also a drive that consists of 90% windy mountain roads that are littered with animals and guard rails lack a strong presence on the sheer drop offs. Oh, & rock slides and avalanches thru certain parts are not unheard of either.  Overall it’s a very tiring drive, but one of the most beautiful I’ve done as well. So let’s get started… IMG_0798

Along much of the drive to Salmon, ID is following multiple rivers. There’s also many campgrounds to take advantage of the clean air & wonderful views. If you haven’t noticed by now, Idaho is an Outdoor State. Meaning that the things to do outside are seemingly endless. IMG_0797

It seems like half the state is national forest just waiting to be camped in, hiked thru & boated down. The drive to Salmon is no exception. I estimate it would take about a week, to do this 5 & 1/2 hour drive, if you stopped at every possible “Picture Postcard” opportunity. The two above pictures were taken somewhere near Lowman, ID. Getting down to this section of the river was better suited to the RDX at home, but I’ve had the TSX in worse terrain, so I was confident I would be able to make it back out.

The main towns from Boise to Salmon are all spread out about an hour apart. Which makes it very convenient to be able to stop for gas, food or just a stretch. There are a few ways to get there, but the fastest route, the way I go, looks like this… Boise, Idaho City, Lowman, Stanley, Challis & Salmon.

There is a stretch of road that often gets closed down in the winter called Lowman’s Pass, due to Avalanches. In the winter, I always have to check the Idaho state transportation website to make sure this pass is open. Otherwise, it’s about a 3 hour wasted round trip before you get to the first sign that says the pass is closed. Plus the extra 2 hours having to go the longer way. But here you can see the remnants of an avalanche from last winter. So the threat is legitimate. IMG_0800 IMG_0801

As always, you can click on these pics to blow them up to full screen. These pics are a perfect example of pics that need to be full size to really appreciate. Just imagine the weight of all that snow & it’s riddled with felled trees. And this is just what’s left from the actual avalanche!IMG_0802 IMG_0799Getting closer to Stanley things open up some & you can see views like these open fields of wild flowers.IMG_0804 IMG_0803

You know you’re getting close to Stanley When you start seeing McGowen Peak & Mount Regan…IMG_0805

Just past Stanley Heading North is one of my favorite pull offs…IMG_0808

This spot is a perfect mix of scenery & beauty. You can plainly see the river and the mountains behind the TSX. But what this picture doesn’t show you is the other mountain & hundreds of acres of pasture land to the left…IMG_0813

As well as what’s to come…IMG_0807IMG_0814


You can see about 100 head of cattle grazing away in the middle of the pasture on the left. I often wonder if they know just how lucky they are. Compared to other cows that are stuck on just a few acres of dirt with 100 other cows. Regardless, if I could build a cabin right here, I would.

On the way back I stopped and took a look at the old bath house and hot springs. You know when you pass them because you can smell the sulfur. The spring comes out of the ground right by the road. IMG_0816

The powers that be installed a drainage pipe under the street for the hot water to find the river below.IMG_0818IMG_0819

The hot water runs down the short slope & merges with the cold river water. You can see here where someone took the time to arrange some rocks in the river for a little sitting area directly in the path of the merging hot water. I may have to try this out some time.IMG_0820

Here are some of the information placards around the old bath house.

IMG_0824 IMG_0823 IMG_0817And here is the old bath house itself built in the early 1900’s…IMG_0822IMG_0828

Back up the slate stone stairs to the awaiting chariot.IMG_0825

I just love it out here…IMG_0826IMG_0827

Before I go I wanted to share a few extra things. Like this Toyota MR2 that met up with a tree. I would say that the tree won.DSC00243DSC00242

The fact that the motor is not in the drivers lap is a testament to today’s vehicles safety standards and features. DSC00244

While at copart I also saw this silver TSX with the right front suspension ripped out. A sad end to this awesome car.

DSC00261Ever wonder what the inside of a new RV spray booth looks like inside? It looks like it should be part of a space station…


I also encountered a traffic jam out by Rexburg, ID. I’d say about 300 head all together. Not including the cowboys…DSC00784 DSC00783

In closing I want to shout out to Sony. I enjoy quality items, such as my trusty 2005 Acura TSX. But i want you to take a look at this picture…DSC00001

Just a 2000 something Mazda 3 series right? Big deal, right? Well, yes & no. The car itself is a decent little commuter and belongs to a very nice girl I met for an inspection. But what’s so special about this particular picture is the internal number the camera has assigned it. “DSC00001” This internal number is first in the camera memory and only resets back to this number after hitting “DSC09999”. Again, what so special? The picture above, is the 4th time I’ve seen this internal number on this camera. Meaning that this Mazda right front corner shot is the 40,000th picture that I’ve taken with my little Sony Cybershot DSC-H70 Camera. In fact, I’d say about 80% of the pictures taken on this blog were done so with this little Sony camera. I’ve only had it for about 4 – 5 years, dropped it a few times & accidentally kicked it once, but it has been a great little camera & I felt that Sony deserved a shout out for building a quality product! We’ll see how long she lasts.IMG_0832

In closing, as always, be safe out there & get ready for next weeks post were I meet up with pro blogger Tyson Hugie for a car swap with his 2013 Acura ILX 6 speed manual thru some of my favorite mountain roads here in Idaho!


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6 Responses to More Salmon? Yes Please! & Bonus Material!

  1. Carlos says:

    That tenth picture from the top with the mountains and river behind the TSX is beautiful. I love mountains. Something that I do not have living in Florida. Do the mountains in this location stay snowbound thru the entire year or does the snow melt completely in late July or August?

  2. clymerdude says:

    I’m not sure Carlos. I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen them without snow. But I think you should plan a drive out here next July or August & we’ll go find out for sure. 🙂 I lived in Ft Myers & Lehigh Acres for a few years & remember seeing real mountains in California for the first time as a kid. It is definitely an eye opener!

  3. Carlos says:

    I do want to make a trip out there when you are close to hitting 500,000. Maybe in 2016?

    Josh, I noticed (by zooming in on the first couple of pictures) that your car does not have thin, skinny rubber / plastic mouldings around the wheel wells. My car has them around all four wheel wells. I wish it didn’t because they have become discolored over the years. Did your car ever have them and you took them off or it never had them?

  4. clymerdude says:

    I guess I can settle for that Carlos… But those wheel opening moldings are aftermarket add ons installed by the dealer & are likely just a double sided adhesive tape. If you want, you can email me some close up pics of them, but I’m just about positive that on the next hot day, starting with the edge of one you can start peeling it off and just pull. A hot day will make it easier to pull off. Just go slow and have some adhesive remover handy to get any left over glue off. Then polish the area. The only downside I can think of, is color fade. the rest of the car will be slightly duller than under these moldings. But only if you park in the sun all the time. But what it sounds like, even if there is a little fade, it will most likely look better if the moldings are turning colors.

  5. tysonhugie says:

    Lol @ “Pro Blogger.” I’m adding that to my resume! Man, you’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of that little Sony Cybershot. Jeesh! I didn’t even know digital cameras had an “odometer” like that. Loved the pics from the drive to Stanley, and I love even more that now every time you blog about Highway 21 to Lowman I’ll know exactly where you’re talking about. What a great stretch of road. I’m weeding through pics now and we’ve got some good ones 🙂 Talk soon!

  6. clymerdude says:

    I thought you’d like that. haha. can’t wait to see the video footage! Now that you know Hwy 21, how cool would it be to try to arrange one of your Legend, or better yet, NSX annual meets in Boise in the next year or 2 and we could take the day to drive all the way out to Salmon! I would LOVE to be part of THAT!

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