MP3 Upgrade… Finally.

One of the only things that I was bummed out about with my TSX was the fact that I missed the factory MP3 player by a year or two. But I shall suffer no more! Recently I went down to Dick’s Stereo located at 5320 W Fairview Ave in Boise. cfb2f615d3fee747cd95503930924ce9I chose this stereo shop over others in town simply because they have been there as long as I have lived in the area, coming up on 9 years now. To me, that says they’re doing something right. Turns out, they have been at this location for 28 years!

While talking with a couple of the employees, I learned that the building started it’s life as a tavern. a60a2ebb98dbf9bdc62fe71941354fb5Somewhat of a rough tavern at that. They’ve had some older customers come in and tell them stories about how they had their “butts kicked over there in that corner one night.” 57c7b080a30b8c404b0adb78ab1ae9d3The story that I really appreciated was an older gentleman came in with a teenager & informed the staff that he had bought his first custom stereo from them years & years ago. Then when his son got his first car, he brought his son in to treat him to his first stereo. Now, he was there to purchase his grandsons first stereo, the teenager standing by his side. How awesome is that!

So now I’m officially hooked up! 647c844754a4fea22d35c3430d369023The guys at Dick’s Stereo were polite, helpful & did the installation fast & clean. They took the time to ask where I wanted the access wire to be located & did a wonderful job! I had them run the wire thru one of the storage compartments in the center console so I could hide it when not in use. DSC09295You’d never know anything was different. As I mention before, I’m an avid listener to books on cd. But over the last 9 years, I’ve pretty much tapped out most of the books that interest me at my local library. So now I can load any book I want onto my ipod or phone and away I go. I don’t have to wait for another person to return the book I want in order to listen to it. Plus, if I am in the mood for some driving music…also hooked up. I’m currently finishing up the last book from the library as we speak & am pretty stoked to start using this new feature in the TSX!

I highly recommend the guys down at Dick’s Stereo. A nice bunch of guys who know their stuff & do it right. They have a nice little show room & it looks like they can get just about anything you could want.e26c695fca74b0843920131a6d0b445e


Stop on by & I’m confident they’ll make you happy, just like they did for me. Check out their website here…

In closing, I have a question for everybody. How many Chevy Cruze’s does it take to equal one Acura TSX?DSC08968

I think you get the picture… See you next week.



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3 Responses to MP3 Upgrade… Finally.

  1. Carlos says:

    They are kind of far from where I live but I may have to stop by. 😉

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Nice! Always good to have a trustworthy audio shop nearby! My brother did all the stereo upgrades in my Legend back in the day. I’m getting ready to put it back to stock, though. That’s a lot of Chevy Cruzes.

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