Aquaponics Update

I’ve been spending more time outside since the arrival of the wonderful spring weather. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been in the garden as much as I’d have liked. So I think it’s time to update everybody on the outdoors aquaponics set up and the berry farm. I’m trying out videos for this as writing everything out would take forever for everybody involved. So We’ll start out with a video of a portion of my back yard that I’ve dedicated to berries. This section has evolved quite a bit in the 6 years that I’ve been playing with it. I found some old photos from some years back, so you can see the changes that have been made over the years.100_1263 100_1264

You can see this area used to be my entire garden area with raised growing beds I built out of scrap or extra lumber from other projects.

And here’s video that I took this week.

Now for the aquaponics. This video breaks down how the system is set up and how it works. It also covers some learning curves along the way & some ramblings…

In the video I mention how well stuff grows in this set up. To give an example, I took a few pics last month to show growth rate. So here’s the first pic I took of these 2 grow beds on 4/12. Notice the lettuce bed on the right. Spinach is on the left.


Now here’s another of the same beds, taken from the same spot on 4/27…

DSC07984Check out the difference in just 2 weeks!



A couple weeks ago, I saw something in the TSX that I’ve never seen before…


Of course, when this little gem popped up when I was about an hour & a half from the dealer. But nothing seemed amiss. All the gauges were good, no noises, no smells. So I called Lyle Pearson Acura and spoke with Travis 2.0 and we agreed that it should be ok to finish driving into town & they would check it out when I got there. Turns out, the Catalytic Converter finally gave up. I’ll have to get it replaced before the next smog is due & likely before that, so as to avoid jacking up something else along the way. Life after 400k I guess…

I’ll follow up on both the greenhouse & the berry farm in about a month or so. But for now, I’ll leave you with some Idaho traffic…DSC07869Be safe out there & thanks for stopping by! Next week, a new upgrade!



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2 Responses to Aquaponics Update

  1. Carlos says:

    I believe I have seen that light before on my TSX but only at start up and then it goes away. Is this one of those warning lights that lights up at engine start up on all TSXs (to show that they work) and then turn off?

  2. clymerdude says:

    When you start up, most, but maybe all the instrument lights come up for just a second, then shut off. So you have nothing to worry about Carlos. But it was the first time the “Check Engine” light has come on while I was driving. That’s for sure.

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