RDX Update


The RDX finally came due for it’s first service last week. If you recall, we purchased the RDX at my favorite Dealer, Lyle Pearson Acura back in Sept ’13. Josie has been racking up the miles a lot faster than I had originally thought she would. But that’s what it’s there for. She told me the maintenance light came on so I went to take a look.DSC08004DSC08005


Looks like it’s time for it’s first oil change! Josie does a lot of city driving. I’d say 80% city & only 20% freeway. So it didn’t surprise me when I saw it was time for new oil around 5k miles. I told her I would take it in later in the week for the service and a wash.

The following day, I received this in the mail…DSC08001

I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but it sure was fancy. A thick black envelope with silver embossed lettering. For a minute, I thought I might be someone important and was invited to some “Black Tie” event. But no…. Turns out I was a different kind of “Somebody”. An appreciated customer!DSC08003Well how is THAT for timing? The Princess says her RDX needs service, the next day I get a voucher from Lyle Pearson Acura for a free A1 service. It doesn’t get any better than that! So I took the RDX in for service. I only drive the RDX when we go places as a family. It’s a little weird driving something other than the TSX, but about every weekend I find myself behind the wheel of this fantastic SUV. Even after the last 8 months, I still find myself, saying out loud, “This really is a nice vehicle.” Josie just looks at me and grins & replies “I know.”

The RDX is also a pleasure to drive. Even though it sits a lot higher than the TSX, it’s very comfortable. The perforated leather seats have a nice “hug” feeling, which I haven’t felt sitting in other SUV makes. I guess the best way to describe it in comparison, is that you sit “On” the seats of other makes. But you sit “In” the RDX’s seat. I also like the power it has. When you put the peddle down, she’ll get up & get you there in a hurry. In the winter snow she handled with ease. All the amenities are easy to access and well placed. I guess what I’m getting at is that I’d buy the RDX all over again.

So While I was in the service department, I was shooting the breeze with Travis & Sawyer & they mentioned they were swapping out another AC condenser in another TSX. It must be condenser month. But this one was just as unique as mine, but in a different way. So naturally, I had to see it. Check this out…DSC08011 DSC08010 DSC08006Death by Canadian penny! What are the odds that not only a penny bounced into the condenser at just the right angle to pierce it like a dagger, but from a foreign currency! True, I’m about 15-20 hrs ( I’m guessing) from the Canadian border, but it sure added to the “weirdness” factor.

Anyway, I decided to add a new Category to my blog, “RDX” for those that have come by for the TSX miles, but can relate more to a RDX. I will be keeping track of miles, maintenance and any family trips we may take it on that may be of interest. So every once in a while you’ll see a “RDX Update.” If you click on this category on the right side of the page, it will take you to every post the RDX is mentioned in. Now, and I admit this is weird, and it’s only very slightly, but it irritates me a little to have to drive it. The reason being, I could be putting these miles on the TSX and getting to my goal faster. I know, I know, stupid right. But it’s there and I feel it. So I just try to focus on what a joy it is to drive. Anyway, here she is all done & ready to go back home to the princess. DSC08013DSC08012

RDX 1st service

In the next couple posts, I’ll be updating the progress on the greenhouse & introducing “The” Tyson Hugie! Most of my followers already know who Tyson is, but for those who don’t, you’ll get a chance to find out a little more about this guy. He has been an overflowing fountain of knowledge & encouragement, as well as becoming a friend. And I thank him for all of the above. See you all again soon & stay safe!


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One Response to RDX Update

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Yeah! Got that A1 all taken care of! The RDX is definitely a nice ride. Loved that Canadian penny wedged into the a/c condenser – the crazy stuff mechanics encounter! Good seeing you this weekend. Your TSX will make another debut on my blog later this week.

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