The 400k Home Stretch!

I got a few long distance assignments this last week and I was able to put over 1,000 miles on the TSX in 4 days. Oregon, Ketchum, Twin Falls & Oregon again.

I didn’t get to see anything fancy car-wise, but I did drive by this butte in Oregon that looked pretty cool. ( I like big Buttes & I cannot lie…) Malheur Butte is actually an extinct volcano located in Malheur (French for “misfortune,” “bad fortune,” or “unhappiness) County OR. Elevation 2,661 ft with a prominence of 500 ft. It still has active hot springs. I drove around the back of this huge mass to see if there was a way up, but there are “Private Property” signs all over. There did seem to be a trail to the top but most likely for walking only. It was pretty steep and wouldn’t be sure if the RDX would make it up much less the TSX!DSC07318

There was this wicked looking out-cropping that’s hidden by the TSX above that I thought was worth sharing as well. DSC07320

I also found a small campground on the way to Ketchum. It had a slightly Tim Burton’ish feel as none of the trees have started to wake up yet. But it made for a couple of cool pictures. DSC07404 DSC07408During a local inspection I found a new fleet of a dozen Explorer Interceptors sitting in a lot and waiting to be processed for the Boise PD. So any one coming thru town, keep your speed in mind. They need to pay for these new rides somehow…DSC04971

I drove by one of my favorite streets in Nampa, ID again. I may someday buy some property on this street just for the address…Picture 210Honorable mention was a local inspection of a box van owned by a stage production company. Inside the warehouse were these crazy speakers. The were almost 3 ft in circumference!DSC07224

So here we are, so close to victory I can taste it! Only 855 miles to go! My next post will be the roll over of 400,000 miles & the replacement of my AC system. Safe travels everyone and see you again soon!


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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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7 Responses to The 400k Home Stretch!

  1. Carlos says:

    Make sure to have your camera with you at all times so you can take a picture of the odometer exactly at 400,000. Milestones like this are easy to miss but only come around once. My TSX recently went over 111,111. I wish i had a camera with me to take a picture of six number ones on my odometer.

  2. clymerdude says:

    Bummer Carlos, that would have been a good one. I usually have my camera with me for work so it shouldn’t be a problem. Plus I find myself constantly checking the odo already, even though I know I’m still hundreds of miles away yet…

  3. tysonhugie says:

    Replacing the a/c system – just in time for temps to warm up! Those rock formations are sweet and your photography is top notch these days. Great pics. I want to build on Chicken Dinner too, hahaha.

  4. Eric E says:

    My ‘Teg is going to hit 190K on the way to GA Sunday . . . 200K won’t happen until next year at least!

  5. Carlos says:

    How much mileage left till 400,000?

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