Spring Cleaning & the Bad Luck Ranch


I Had another slow week at work this week. But I did get to go out to Jordan Valley to see This Series of disasters. It all started with someone burning some cut branches in the ditch by this persons property. Which also managed to catch the old trees on the proprtyline on fire as well. DSC06504Some of these trees are over 100 years old. This is a family owned cattle ranch that spans hundreds of acres and has been in the family for 110 years. The fire spread right down the line and also caught some other trees on the property. All that was left was the sad remains of these old sentinels and resembled something out of a Tim Burton movie. DSC06499DSC06500I was surprised that this one was still standing. DSC06505 DSC06493Some of these trees were over 6 ft thick at the trunk. Another casualty of the fire was this little Kia. All that remained was the skeleton of this sad little ride.DSC06498So down the property the fire went until it got to this tree here…DSC06491See the two trees on the left? Well, the one on the rights upper branches snapped off and pulled down the power line you see here (it’s since been replaced). So, during this time of power outage at this house, one of the neighbors offered to loan them their new diesel generators. A fully loaded, state of the art generator with radio remote. How this unit works, is when you place it on a ridge, up to 20 miles away, and it’s linked up to a water pump that sits yet another (up to) 20 miles away, by radio frequency. This pump supplies water to the cattle out in pasture and has a water level sensor in the tank. When the water level gets to low, it triggers a signal to the water pump to refill the water tank. These generators can be used in tandem & as long as they’re withing eye shot & 20 miles or less of each other, these units can water quite a range and distance without the need of driving trucks out to the site every day to check water levels and refilling the tanks.

Anyway, the neighbor had a few of these and loaned one to their neighbor in need. Well, on the way there, the kids that were hauling the generator to the neighboring farm lost control of the 4Runner they were towing it with & ended up rolling the vehicle and the generator. DSC06511The generator & the 4Runner both are total losses. The sad part of this tale is that one of the kids (teenagers) was not wearing a seat belt & was thrown from the vehicle during the loss. He was roughed up pretty good with a punctured lung & had to be life flighted out as the ranch is 85 miles from the closest hospital. as you can see in the next two pictures, they are literally out in the middle of no where!DSC06555DSC06553After driving over 20 miles on dirt roads to do this inspection, I noticed it was time to clean the inside of the TSX. With all the driving I do it seems like I sometimes live in the car. It had been quite a while since I gave it a good vacuum and scrub to the inside. I didn’t take a lot of “before” pictures, but I was pleased with the outcome… Here’s the “Before”DSC06655You can even see the outline of the floormat & stains on the driver floorboard & dust & dirt everywhere. But she cleans up pretty good as you can see. DSC06669

Notice the Blue sill protective plastic is still intact?  🙂DSC06665 DSC06664Many moons ago I used to detail cars for a car dealership when I was a teenager. I no longer have any of my old tools, but with a little extra time & care, you can still get good results. I even scrubbed down all the plastic panels and door trim panels to get the built up dirt & stains out of the texture. Sadly, I did notice that after all these miles, I’m finally starting to see the first signs of wear on the left driver seat bolster…

DSC06657During this time, my niece (the one I call Maynard) came by with some new headlights for her Mitsubishi Eclipse. So we, (& by “we”, I mean mostly her) switched out her headlights. The old Lamps we reconditioned a year ago & they were already breaking down and oxidizing again. She doesn’t have a garage to park in and the constant exposure to the sun wreaks havoc on the lenses as you can see. DSC06667

She went with some new aftermarket lamps that looked pretty cool.DSC06666These new lights have the “Halo” effects if wired properly. We just did a quick light swap. Maynard will need to do a little research to see what she’ll need to do to get the halo effects set up. But even with out them, they still looked way better than the stock OEM lamps.DSC06668I also had a chance to do a quick clean up on the Princesses RDX. It was pretty easy as it’s still such a new car. But I did notice a couple things during the clean up, the biggest surprise was this little door on the front right floor board (under the floormat) that opens to reveal a VIN stamp on the unibody frame underneath. DSC06646

DSC06653I also noticed that the Princess has left the door sill plastic protectors on her RDX. I doubt she’s even given it a second thought. I just thought it was funny.

During the first month of ownership of the RDX, we went out to dinner at one of our favorite places and came out to find this dent/ scrape, dead center on the right rear door. Of course, there was no note, but the offender did however take the time to find another parking spot… When we parked there was no one parked on the right side. When we came back out 45 minutes later, still no one in the spot next to us, just the dent. Needless to say, the Princess was NOT happy. DSC06649Vacuuming out the back cargo area with our Acura cargo cover was a breeze. The sand from the stroller wheels never had a chance to work it’s way into the carpet. It literally took 1 minute to vacuum the back. A great investment!DSC06650It even has a hole cut out for the rear subwoofer so when Luke is rocking out, there’s no sound dampening.DSC06651Lastly I noticed that I was way off in my initial estimates as to how many miles Josie would be driving. Originally I thought she’d be putting on a mere 3k-4k miles a year. Well, She’s already past 4500 miles in 6 months! Give a girl a new RDX and she’ll drive it I guess. DSC06654

The next clean up project on the TSX will definitely be the exhaust tail pipe chrome tips!DSC06671They’re supposed to be shiny! Yikes!

So slowly, but surely, I’m getting closer to 400k. At this rate it may take a few more weeks and spill over into April. DSC06645Onward HO!

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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8 Responses to Spring Cleaning & the Bad Luck Ranch

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Dang. That 4Runner did roll in a really remote area. And ugh, that ding in the new RDX! Sucks. I was gonna say, those “paintless dent removal” guys can do pretty amazing things, but in this case it looks like someone actually scraped off a bit of paint when they dinged it. What are your plans for getting that taken care of? Hey, on those exhaust tips: Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish. Available at any AutoZone or O’Reilly. Really good stuff. Onward to 400k indeed! Have a great week.

  2. clymerdude says:

    No plans yet for the RDX door. It’s definitely an eyesore, but it’s on the passenger side and Josie only sees it when I’m driving. We have a lot of other things going on right now & it’s kinda low on the priority side right now. Besides, we’d have it fixed and then some one would dent another door anyway… I’ll def try the recommended polishes. The tips are just awful!

  3. gardel says:

    I normally clean the exhaust tips with wheel cleaner and then, if needed, scotch brite and some fine steel whool. As sealant rejex or klasse will do. Your tsx looks in great shape, and so close to the 400k ! Unbelievable!

  4. clymerdude says:

    Thanks for the tip Gardel. I’m going to be cleaning them pretty soon. I’m creeping up on the big 400k slowly but surely, and i want the chariot to look sweet for it! 🙂

  5. Carlos says:

    Do you still have the original TSX floor mats with the “TSX” embroidery?

    • clymerdude says:

      Yes, Well, Kinda. I have 3 of the 4. The driver mat had a hole in it the size of an orange. So it got thrown out. The other 3 barely have any wear at all & I’ve saved them. But I’m not sure what I’ll ever do with them. Being an incomplete set & all…

  6. Mr Vtecski says:

    I sold my oem TSX mats for a set of oem rubber ones I picked up on Craigslist for $30 and have not looked back since. Nothing better than hosing em down and clean mats in no time!

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