More Acura’s at Copart than you can shake a stick at!

Usually the month of Feb is fairly slow for me, with taxes coming up and all. But this month has proven to be pretty busy and I did a fair amount of driving all over the place. I had to go to Copart (a huge car graveyard where wrecked cars go to be auctioned off) a couple weeks ago to see a couple cars (one being this Honda Odyssey…)DSC04725While driving around looking for the vehicles I needed to inspect, I noticed something rather unusual. There seemed to be Acura’s everywhere! Now, don’t get me wrong. Acura’s get wrecked just like any other car. But out of all the cars I inspect, I just don’t see to many of them. So you can imagine the double take when I spotted this ’02-ish TL hammered in the Rt sideDSC04726Then I noticed the car behind it…what the? Another newer gen TL, hammered all over! This one I dedicate to Jason over at the Rt front wheel? Seriously? How hard do you need to hit the wheel to have it just snap off like that?! So Jason, if you ever get the urge to roll you’re sweet TL…well, just click the picture to enlarge & hopefully that will be good enough for you. It’s very rare I see a TL at copart, but this was a very unusual site for me.DSC047282 different gen’s of TL right next to each other. Sad as can be. I also saw a little black RSX with severe front end damage. I was about to get a pic of that one as well when I noticed this 2010 MDX sitting there.DSC04756There was nothing wrong with it! why was it here? Until of coarse I walked around the back of it…DSC04758But even still? This Vehicle should not really be here. It’s a repairable unit. I’ll explain for those that don’t know how a Total Loss works in the insurance world. A total loss vehicle is not necessarily one that has so much damage that it looks like a train hit it. Although, yes, that would be a total loss. To an insurance company, it’s a numbers game. I’ll give an example with easy math. Lets say you’re driving a car that’s worth $10,000 and someone comes along and hits it pretty good. An insurance company will have someone like me write up a repair estimate on it to see what all is needed & and more importantly, how much it will cost to repair. Anything over 70% of Actual Cash Value (ACV) or in this example, $7,000 they will total the car. The magic percentage for most insurance companies is 70% of ACV. The other 30% they leave open for the cost rental coverage during repairs. The possibility of hidden damages that will need to be covered. Plus they also factor in salvage value (how much they will get for the remains thru Copart). It’s all about the percentages. If we were talking about a new $40,000 vehicle and the repair bill was $7,000, they would fix it all day long.  But on an older car that wasn’t worth $5,000, it would be cheaper for them to buy the car from the owner at ACV, then it would to pay to repair the car.

So I was a little confused as to why this MDX was here. Without writing anything up, I’d say the repair cost on this MDX would be in the $7,000 ballbark as the damage looks like it’s above the frame rails.DSC04759But weirder things have happened I guess. I also saw this little Scion FR-S. I’ve read a lot of good things about these little cars. It was sad to see such a new car already sitting waiting to be sold for scrap. I might have to go drive one sometime…DSC04688Speaking of driving, I did drive this creampuff 1995 Legend Coupe…DSC04947 DSC04948 DSC04949 DSC04950 DSC04951 DSC04952 DSC04953 DSC04954 DSC04955 DSC04956 DSC04957 DSC04958 DSC04960 DSC04961 DSC04962

The only sign of wear was on the driver seat bolster shown above.DSC04963

The rear seats didn’t look like anyone had ever sat in themDSC04964 DSC04965 DSC04966 DSC04967 DSC04968 DSC04969 DSC04970

This is one of those real life clean one owner stories. A woman bought it new back in 1995 and had the dealer do all the maintenance on it. She finally decided to trade it in on a new Acura. This car was like sitting in a time capsule. It’s in such good shape I am tempted to buy it myself. But I really don’t have a use for it. I have my trusty TSX and I just bought the Princess her RDX. Plus we have a ’96 Tacoma that just sits in the driveway. Josie will likely be selling it this summer since she literally never dries it anymore. But this Legend is just too sweet not to tell people about. So, if you’ve ever thought about owning one of these Legend Coupe’s, this is the one for you. It’s currently at the Lyle Pearson Acura Dealer here in Boise, ID. They’re asking about $8,000 for it (yes, I know. But keep in mind that these were $50k-$55k new back in ’95! Plus it’s an ultra rarity to find an actual clean one owner like this one) You can contact Jason Bernier @ 208-371-2886 or email

This winter was lot’s of fog, inversion, snow & rain. So when the sun finally came out it was a big deal. In the last 8 years I’ve lived in this area, I can’t remember so much fog. It reminded me of why they call this “Big Sky” country…DSC04711DSC05178During all the weather this last month, I was heading up to Donnelly (near McCall) and came across a large ball of snow in the middle of the street. Normally I would swerve around it, just in case. But this time there was oncoming traffic on the 2 lane windy road, so I decide to straddle it. WHAM! The rear end hopped up it hit so hard. Apparently it was a large rock covered in snow. It took 2 more miles before I came across a place to pull over to inspect. Everything looked OK, nothing bashed in, that I could see. But more importantly, no leaking fluids. So on I went to Donnelly (another hour & 1/2 away). I checked again, still nothing. Called Acura and said I would be stopping by in about 2 hours and needed an open rack. Arrived at the dealer with no problems, & put the TSX on a lift to check it out. All we could find was this plastic protector was brokenDSC05385and we found some of the exhaust pipes were dented & creased…DSC05386 DSC05388 DSC05389I was very lucky… 6 inches to the Lt and it would have taken out the fuel tank! While it was in the air, I notice the underside of the rear bumper behind the wheels. It was rock blasted down to the bare plastic. It was nice and textured from all the rocks hitting it over the years…DSC05391We also noticed it may be getting close to time for replacing the front lower control arm bushings. DSC05394This next service will be pretty spendy! It will be the big 400K! I need to flush both the trans and the brake systems, change out filters, maybe the control arm bushings (I’ll have to see if it’s more cost effective to buy and replace just the bushings, or just replace the Lwr control arm assy) plus the AC as it will be getting hot before we know it. But this time around it was just another oil change and that plastic protector. 03-01-2014 12;33;05AMWhich brings us the the latest Mileage reading of…DSC05543Next month will be a HUGE milestone for my car! 400,000 miles! I will now leave you, until next time, with wishes of wellness, thoughts of happiness, and what the hell….


A Goat.



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14 Responses to More Acura’s at Copart than you can shake a stick at!

  1. Carlos says:

    That 1995 Legend Coupe looks really nice. I am surprised Tyson has not checked in yet to offer his views. He may be on his way to Oregon to pick that baby up. 🙂

    • clymerdude says:

      That’s pretty funny Carlos. It was actually Tyson that found it online & told me about it. He sent me a link to the craiglist add. I went & checked it out & got the back story on it & emailed Tyson some additional pics so he could post it on the Legend forums. I have a feeling that if it was a manual transmission, you would have been correct. He’d be on a plane before we knew it!

  2. Carlos says:

    I meant Idaho instead of Oregon in post above.

    Also, you think that rock would have perforated the gas tank? And if gas tank is perforated, you think it explodes? Wow. Another reason not to drive in snowy weather.

    The suspension and steering of the TSX are fantastic. They are some of my favorite features of the car. In the past, I have avoided so much road debris at the last second. Stuff I would have hit with any other car. My mechanic is impressed with the rear suspension. It has five independent links on each rear wheel. This helps in hugging the road. It is tough to drive other cars that don’t have this setup.

    • clymerdude says:

      Take it easy Carlos. If the fuel tank was damaged it would not explode like in the movies. It would just leak all the fuel out & you’d be out of gas. More of a inconvenience than anything else. You’ll be fine in the snow buddy. I have faith in you!

  3. Carlos says:

    Lol. I guess I am watching too many movies.

  4. Liz says:

    Hi ! I just read your acurazine input and am now checking out your site. Amazing 400k!!!
    My TSX 2005 is at 109,000+. Acura service has adviced that I get the front bushings (as in your blog) replaced at next service for oil change. They can’t replace the bushings alone, and will need to replace the entire assembly.
    I love the car, as you do!

    • clymerdude says:

      Hi Liz, glad you took the time to check me out. I sure do love this car! Take care of yours & she’ll keep you on the road for a very long time! & yeah I was thinking the same. Even if I could replace just the bushings, the labor would offset the cost vs just replacing the control arms…

  5. Eric E says:

    let me know when that Legend is half price – I’ll be right up to get it! 🙂

  6. tysonhugie says:

    Awesome post, Josh! I found the discussion on “total loss” really interesting because my good friend Paul down here in PHX works for State Farm in the Total Loss Unit and I’ve always wondered how they determine whether a vehicle is totaled or not. Glad you didn’t do much damage with hitting that snowy rock in the road. Sure with that 1995 Legend would find a deserving owner – it sure got a lot of attention when I posted it to my blog a week or so ago. Anyway, onward to 400k!! And thanks for sharing that goat, lol.

  7. Carlos says:

    I almost got one of those white Acura TL Type S four door sedans back in the day. They were very good looking cars. I believe the model in the picture was produced from 2002 to 2003. It is a good thing I did not. They suffered from a lot of automatic transmission problems. Gave a bad name to Acura. Honda also had problems with the automatic transmission on their six cylinder Accords. Both the TL and six cylinder Honda Accords suffered many total transmission failures before 100,000 miles. I believe there is a recall for both models. Tyson may be more familiar with this but I believe the problem had to do with the inability of the automatic transmission to handle the power generated by the six cylinder engines. Four cylinder Accords did not suffer the same fate.

    • clymerdude says:

      I had an ’02 TL type S that I had bought new. I only got to about 15k miles before someone rear ended me. $8k later it was fixed up and them someone stole it & they found it again with lo jack in Tijuana Mexico. at this point it had about 20k miles on it when I sold it. Never got a chance to have transmission problems:) it sure was a sweet riding car though…

  8. Carlos says:

    Which car do you think handles better? The TSX or the TL Type S? I know it is two different cars with the TL Type S having a lot more power. But isn’t the TSX more nimble and fun to drive?

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