NOT How I wanted to Start the New Year!

DSC02560OK, Just Kidding. This isn’t my TSX. My whole family is sick today. Today is also my 9th wedding anniversary as well as the 9th year we’ve owned our TSX from the day it rolled off the dealer lot with a mere 5 miles on it. So instead of being out enjoying the day, it’s looking like a lot of naps & tea.

I was actually at a local tow yard looking at this 2000 Civic Coupe Si that was rear ended and shoved into the car in front of it. This is what I refer to as a “Meat in the Sandwich” situation. DSC02537It doesn’t look so bad, right? Until you look underneath the car…DSC02539The rear body panel is pushed way back and the truck floor is all wadded up. It also buckled the rt rear frame rail.DSC02541This buckling caused a large stress buckled in the Rt Quarter Panel as well. Gotta love inertia damage. Here’s the front…DSC02553I haven’t written it up yet, but it will end up a total loss. The amount it will cost to repair properly will exceed the value of the car. It really was a shame. This car was pretty well taken care of and it only had 107k miles on it. I feel bad for the kid who owned it. He will be hard pressed finding another one in such good shape. Walking back to the front gate is when I looked across the yard and saw that TSX. Who ever was driving, rear ended a truck with a trailer hitch on the rear bumper.DSC02561You can imagine the double take I did when seeing it over there. The same color combo & year as mine.  This is only the second TSX I seen wrecked in the last 8 years of doing these inspections in Idaho. I’m pretty sure this particular TSX will be repaired and back on the road in a few weeks. If I’m lucky, I’ll get the assignment to do the inspection & write up on this one. I won’t hold my breath though.

So 2014 we’ll start the year with about 1500 miles short of the 390k mark. I’m guessing somewhere in Feb-March I’ll be rolling the big 400k. I know this post is a little short, but it’s time for more tea and a nap for this guy. I hope Everybody is ready for another year & will be safe out there!DSC02352

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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5 Responses to NOT How I wanted to Start the New Year!

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Oh man, my heart sank when I saw the first pic. Glad it wasn’t you! And that Civic Si – “electron blue pearl – is one of my favorite colors that Acura / Honda have ever offered. Too bad about it getting sandwiched. I hope you and the fam are feeling better soon. Happy (?) new year!

  2. Carlos says:

    You are a bad man to joke like that. Wow. Like Tyson, my heart also sank. It looked just like your car (and my car!). What a way to start the New Year I thought.

  3. Todd says:

    Thanks for giving me a heart attack! lol

  4. pawela says:

    I haven’t been on TSXTravels in a while and I, like Todd, nearly had a heart attack when I saw your first photo!

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