Snow, Inversion & Sun Valley

We finally got some snow these last couple weeks. My home town got about 5 inches of snow a couple weeks ago & that was it. Usually, in my neck of the woods, it snows at night and usually melts off by the afternoon. For people commuting into work in the morning it’s a drag. But coming home is usually not bad at all. But most of last week we had what the locals call “Inversion”.  It’s basically a thick blanket of fog that takes a while for the sun to burn off. I could just barely make out the neighbors house right across the street for 3 whole days. But it sure is pretty. DSC01951When we have this fog day after day, it builds up a thin layer of ice over all the trees at night. Then we’ll get a light dusting of snow that sticks to the ice & we get trees that look like this… DSC01959DSC01950Then I got a couple of assignments in Ketchum, or Sun Valley, ID.

Ketchum is a beautiful place located mid state. It’s a hidden gem of a ski town that attracts some big names to come and play. Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore all have homes in this area & are seen from time to time on the slopes. A few years back I was at a tow yard to look at a vehicle and in the office there was a pic of Arnie & his whole family on the shelf. It was there family x-mas card. Apparently Arnie and the owner of the tow yard have been friends for a long time. It just kind of threw me seeing it there like any other card. There is a small airport in Hailey, ID just south of Ketchum that is usually lined with private jets. It always makes me wonder who’s in town? DSC04704Sun Valley lived up to it’s name this week as the weather was much nicer here than down in Boise. It was easily 10 degrees warmer despite the elevation, clear skies and the snow was just on the mountains for the most part. But there were a couple of cool things I saw on this trip that I wanted to share.

First was this little cluster of reed huts. DSC01694The open lot behind these huts will one day be some kind of Arts building. There are a lot of artists that live in the area. Painters, Sculptors & so on, all all of which put a lot of time into getting this lot approved for the future building. To celebrate this, as a local informed me, one day a couple large dump trucks showed up and dumped a huge pile of reeds on the corner of the lot. A week later some guy showed up and within a week or so, he built these huts, by himself, with nothing but the pile of reeds. Needless to say, I was impressed.DSC01670On the topic of structures, I was in town to see a Caddy & I really like the guys house. Which by chance was right around the corner from the huts above. This house was a little different from all the surrounding houses. I sure liked how the TSX looked in the driveway.DSC01690There was a lot of details the owner put into the house. Like the skin of the garage doors to match the cement finish of the outer walls. DSC01691The owner gave me permission to photo his place from the front. (just in case you were wondering) I would have loved to photo the rest of the place (I got to see part of the inside….awesome) but I didn’t want to come off as some creep & had to remember that I was there in a professional capacity, representing an insurance company. But the owner was kind enough for the front at least.  DSC01692DSC01693After all the driving The ‘Ol TSX was looking pretty raged.  I stopped by Lyle Pearson a couple days ago and had her washed. So she’s sitting in the garage nice and clean for the weekend. DSC02023The cost of gas has gone down some this year, but it’s still over $3 for the good stuff… & on some of my longer trips I have to fill up twice a day.DSC02021All in all it wasn’t a bad week to be looking at wrecks, if you can stand the cold anyways. So for the weeks end I’m at 386,354DSC02352& I’ll leave you with this sunset the other night driving home from Ketchum….again.DSC01945Enjoy the rest of the year, It’s going fast!

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One Response to Snow, Inversion & Sun Valley

  1. tysonhugie says:

    I dig the architecture at that guy’s house in Sun Valley. Nice place! Where I come from in northern Utah, they get an inversion too. They even have ratings for their air quality when that starts to happen. On a “red” air day, for example, you’re encouraged not to exercise outdoors or something like that. Anyway, hopefully you’ll get some sunshine in BOI soon. TSX looks like it’s chugging right along.

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