Maintenance Update


Just another oil change this time around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything else checked out OK. I also put a new set of Goodyear Eagle1 All Seasons on that should be good for 55k miles. Lyle Pearson Acura put them on for me under a different invoice. Poor Travis just couldn’t compete with the price I could get them for thru We’ll see next fall how they held up. 12-15-2013 12;00;43PM

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6 Responses to Maintenance Update

  1. Carlos says:

    Have you used Goodyear Eagle1’s before or is this your first set?

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Just out of curiosity, do you wait for your oil changes or have them shuttle you somewhere, or get a loaner? The customer lounge at my dealership here is really nice. I usually just take my laptop and dink around on that for the hour or however long it takes. What kind of loaner cars does Lyle have available these days, anyhow?

    • clymerdude says:

      I typically wait at the dealer. Same as you except the laptop. I spend the hour or so catching up with the service guys & talking with other customers that come in. I also go over to sales and update them on the mileage and shoot the breeze with them as well. Every blue moon I’m real busy and they give me a loaner to go out & look at local stuff while they change my oil. I know it’s not usual practice for them to do this, so I only ask if I’m really in a bind, cuz I know they wont turn me down. As far as the loaner fleet goes, They have everything except the RLX. The only thing I havent driven yet is the RLX & the 14 MDX. But the MDX will change soon I’m sure.

  3. Todd says:

    Do you ever get the new car itch every once in a while? Or will you continue to stay loyal to your TSX?

    • clymerdude says:

      I most definitely get the new car itch. It seems like about once a year, sometimes twice a year. With all the new model Acuras I get to drive in the loaner fleet when I’m in for service, I get to experience all the improvements and advances that Acura has made in every new model year. The itch is especially strong when I drive the new TSX! I would love to have a new TSX! But alas, they are discontinuing the badge and introducing a new combo of the TSX & the TL in the new TLX. I’m looking forward to seeing this car very much. But I will always stay loyal to my TSX. I’m not sure what I will do with it after the 500k mark, but selling it is not one of the options I’m considering. The good news is that now when I do get that itch, I can borrow the princesses new RDX that we got a few months back. She already has over 2000 miles on it. A lot more than I thought she would have in just a couple months. But she doesn’t pass up a chance to drive it. She loves that thing.

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