A Wedding, Construction, Cows & a Long Day

So here we are, another couple weeks gone and finished. Never to be seen again. Hopefully everybody made the most of them. I know I did. So first I need to shout out to my cousin Jay Robbins & his new Boss, er… Bride Katie. I flew out to the Philly area to have the privilege of seeing these two get hitched. This is also the area I was born & raised. It’s a beautiful area full of good people and lots of history. It’s also been 12 years since I’ve been back and didn’t even come close to seeing all my old friends out that way. Jay also drives a 2005 TSX, blue on black leather. I’ll be posting pics of his ride as soon as he finishes his new “Honey Do” list and sends me some pics of his Acura.

I’m very happy for you both. Love you man. Congratulations!

jkwDuring my long (but seemed very short) weekend with Jay & Katie, I did a lot of thinking about family & friends and how we tend to get caught up in life. We sometimes forget to truly appreciate the people that mean so much to us. I was only gone 4 days, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about my wife and son waiting for me back home. I love them both so much & yet I fail to vocalize it as often as I should. My little man is growing so fast & he’s already developing his own little personality at less than 1 year old. He means more to me than anything I ever thought could mean to me.LukeCool Hand Luke (11 months old)

So anyone reading this latest post. Sometime this week, go to the ones that you love and tell them as much. Hug them, kiss them & show them how much they mean to you. Life is short. But wouldn’t life be grand & beautiful if every day was like the photo of Jay & Katie above?

After the long flight home from Philly, it was time to play catch up big time. I had to drive back out to Garden Valley to look at some construction trucks. (seriously… who doesn’t see a huge ‘ol bulldozer and backs their truck up into it??) Any way, the construction site was on one of many windy mountain roads in Idaho. They were pushing the rock face back to limit the amount of loose rocks coming down into the road. DSC00018Sometimes the rocks are quite large and have been known to hit traveling cars in the past. They are in the process of “Netting” the rock side. Which basically means they will anchor chain link fence from top to bottom to catch any loose rocks that happen to break loose and keep them from damaging any vehicles.  The TSX fit right in with all the other work horses on site.

This week I also got to visit a dairy farm. You don’t really realize how big these animals are until they walk up to you. There are a lot of dairy farms in Idaho. These poor girls must get bored out of their minds. So when a stranger walks up to take some pictures, they just can’t help themselves but to get up and stroll on over to check it out. It’s likely the most exciting thing they’ve seen all day. DSC09871The honorable mention this week was this Mazda 626 that drove into, & under a Semi Trailer. The driver had the good sense (and reflexes) enough to duck down before impact! If not, he would most assuredly NOT walked away like he did!DSC00104Things wrapped up on Friday with the second to longest day on record since I’ve been doing my inspections. I was on the road from 6:45am to 10:15pm racking up 742.9 miles for the day. Starting in Hailey, ID, with stops in Jerome, Eden & the last stop of Elko NV before heading back home to Boise. I was one whipped dog when I got home.MAPWhich leaves us with a Weekend update of:DSC01471Cruising up on 385K already! Have a great week every body! Be safe out there.

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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3 Responses to A Wedding, Construction, Cows & a Long Day

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Holy crap Josh, over 740 miles in a single day?! You’re gonna be back at Lyle Pearson for another oil change within the week at that rate! Keep on truckin. Enjoyed the pic of the TSX at with the big rigs. Sure does look right at home. I look forward to seeing Jay’s blue TSX. If it’s “Arctic Blue,” that’s one of my favorite Acura colors ever. Luke looks like a happy camper with that spoon. Hope you have a great week – looking forward to your next round of updates.

  2. Carlos says:

    Josh, that TSX is looking sharp.

    The Premium White Pearl is so classy.

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