Maintenance, More Salmon & Weekend Update

11-03-2013 12;57;48PMSo here’s the latest maintenance from last Monday when i was just shy of the 380k mile mark. After going over the car it was found to just need another oil change. I am getting close to needing tires again. I go thru a set of all season tires every year & i have it timed out that i put new tires on in November, just before the snow hits. I usually get my tires thru & have the Acura guys mount & balance for me. But this year Travis (Acura sales manager) seems like he wants to change this tradition. He wants me to email the exact tires I want & claims he will “Blow my socks off” on the price. Now, I’ve had my share of “Quitters” socks, but never have they been blown off before. So we’ll see what he comes up with.

I was just in Salmon, ID the week before as you saw in a recent post. So of coarse I got another assignment in Salmon, ID this week to go see a beat up ’95 Ford Mustang Cobra. It was a heap & the owner totaled it by trying to pass someone trying to do a U-turn in a truck. (The truck won…) This time around I was out the door around 5:40am on Friday morning to start the day. Of coarse it was foggy so it was slow going for a while. But when i got on top of the mountain, you could see the fog patches. These pics were taken around 6:40am before the sun came up.DSC09301you can see the large patches of fog. Driving thru one of these patches was about 30ft visibility. DSC09304You can see behind the TSX I had just come thru a rather large fog patch. It was 28 degrees, foggy and the road was iced over in some spots. Not exactly ideal condition for windy mountain driving. I need those new tires soon! But as you can see, after another couple hours the sun came up on Clayton, ID once again and it was a beautiful, crisp morning out in the middle of no where.DSC09305Yup, there she is… Clayton, ID. See the population sign on the right… This One Hundred yard stretch of asphalt is the entire town. I think it only has 1, maybe 2 roads that shoot off the main road into the mountains. But this is it.

Once I got into town, I was stuck behind a truck for several miles. Turns out it was a septic truck. Or that’s what i gather from their slogan…DSC09029After inspecting the Mustang, it was time to head home. Another “Turn & Burn”. I took a different route home because there was road construction on mile marker 205 on Hwy 75 between Stanley & Clayton. They’re pulling loose rock down from the side of the mountain & it looks like they may be cementing over it to help limit the amount of rocks that constantly are falling into the road. Any way, they have recently been intermediately closing the road with 2 hour waits. It’s closed off from 10:30am to 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Coming into Salmon I beat the 10:30am time with no problem. But I didn’t quite make it to this point of the trip before the 1:30 mark. I was still 45 minutes away at that point. So i decided to take an alternate route instead. It’s not near as fun, or scenic, or even short for that matter. but it still got me home and has some interesting things to see. The one I stopped for was this little camping spot. The Joe T. Fallini Campground. DSC09339It’s actually quite nice and looks relatively new or just recently updated.  It’s nestled in between 2 mountain ranges with a lake between them. It’s out in the middle of no where, but I could totally see myself staying a week here to relax.DSC09332It really was beautiful…DSC09338The other thing to see was the Craters of the Moon National Park. I’ve never actually stopped there before & didn’t this time either. I’ve tried getting pictures of this area before & they never do the place justice. The best way I can describe it is this way… You’re driving along & all of the sudden the scenery changes to alien planet. It looks a lot like the surface of the moon (hence the name) but it looks much harsher to me. It’s thousands of acres of jagged black lava rock. It really does look like a dead alien planet. I should have taken at least a couple pics, but I was so tired & just wanted to get home. Here’s the route I took home… MAP

There’s always paperwork at the end of these trips & unfortunately I work most weekends. But Luke is always there to “help” & telling me to hurry up so we can play.DSC09106I sure love that Little Man! Even when he’s “helping” me…

Which leaves us with the weekend update. I know I haven’t done one for a couple weeks now, but I really have been very busy with all the driving & work. Next week I won’t be spending so much time behind the wheel. I just have locals to do & Thursday morning I’m flying out to PA for my cousins wedding. I can’t wait to meet the girl that said YES to that Wacko! Should make for a fun trip!DSC09340

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4 Responses to Maintenance, More Salmon & Weekend Update

  1. Carlos says:


    Funny picture with the septic truck signage.

    Several questions:

    1) How many total miles are you able to put on a set of tires before having to replace them?

    2) How often do you rotate tires? Do you rotate in a way where the front tires are placed in the back and the back tires are criss crossed to the front? This means that if you rotate the tires 4 times, every wheel will be installed at one time on every wheel location of the car.

  2. clymerdude says:

    It depends on the tires, but I’m usually getting between 40k & 50K. the most I ever got was about 60k on the goodyear triple tread tires. They were pretty spendy tho. & the dealer rotates them for me. I dont think they do it to often. probably once a quarter. 4 times a year most likely. they’re directional tires & i know there’s a special way to rotate them. I’m just not sure how exactly.

  3. tysonhugie says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Craters of the Moon! It’s on my list of to-see destinations for 2014. Does your TSX have fog lights? I know on the 04-06 TL they were integrated into the headlights themselves, then for 07-08 they moved them down lower in the front bumper. Fallini Campground looks like a really scenic place. Looks like Luke is your #1 fan! Hope he gets to join for a road trip once in awhile. Now we begin counting down your last 20,000 miles before hitting 400,000. Keep on truckin’ Josh.

    • clymerdude says:

      Getting close Tyson. Travis at the Dealer promised a Costco Dog & a 40 to celebrate! My TSX doesn’t have fog lamps. It was an option that I didn’t spring for when we were living in southern Ca.

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