My Car Has a First Name, it’s O.S.C.A.R

So, as I mentioned in the past, I see some off the wall things from time to time. But sometimes I it really pays off & you get to see the ultimate ride. Like this baby… DSC00837That’s right! The Weinermobile! Basically a converted RV & much like a RV/ limo inside. The tech who was servicing this sweet machine was on lunch and had the keys with him so I was unable to get pics of the inside. You can imagine my disappointment…

Then there’s this guy in Haggerman, ID that owns land rights that include a natural hot spring. So what do you do with this? You dig miles of canals, cement in the channels & feed them with the hot springs & some from the river & raise fish for market!

DSC07581 DSC07582These pics are of his Trout & Sturgeon. The small fish are the Trout & they measure 1ft – 2ft. The big guys are the Sturgeon & they get up 8ft – 12ft. They’re huge ugly fish that remind me of dinosaurs, but they sure are tasty!

How about harsh rain & strange cloud formations. Check out these rain clouds just dumping they’re payload on the road ahead near Fairfield, ID.DSC04723That gray patch of sky between the ground & the clouds is literally a wall of rain! & I do mean wall, as I drove into it 15 minutes after I took the pic.DSC04722Check out this cloud! What do you see? I saw a woman in a hooded cloak… Legend of Zelda anyone?DSC03656Wind Farms… CheckDSC06439 DSC06440How about relieving Cascade Lake when it was overflowing & flooding all the pasture fields & dumping the excess into the river?DSC01645The gates at the top were only open about 5 – 10 feet with the water coming down the ramp & merging with the river. That plume of water is about 80 ft tall!DSC01646 DSC01648Here’s one to help with scale. See those people on the top at about center frame  looking over the rail down at the water? Awesome is the only word I can think of to describe the amount of water and the power of it coming down this ramp.DSC01650And lastly I don’t see this too often either. Same year, make & model. Both total losses on the same day… Failure to yield. A truck clipped the very front of his nose and threw the frame rails over and deployed airbags. It needs a complete front clip. Repair estimate of about $18,000.DSC08495This one ran a Stop sign & was also hit by a truck. Jaws of Life & a Life Flight later. Never heard if he made it or not… it was not pretty inside. Repair estimate of about $25,000DSC08121All the things I get to see out in the field make all the hours of paperwork worth it. Always something new, always something different. I never know what I’ll come across next!

About clymerdude

A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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2 Responses to My Car Has a First Name, it’s O.S.C.A.R

  1. Carlos says:

    That is a great picture of the clouds and the wall of rain.

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Holy smokes, that plume of water coming off Cascade Lake is insane! I’m inspired to grab a raft and a whitewater rafting guide, and have at it! I would have asked for the keys to the Weinermobile. Total chick magnet there. Errr, maybe not so much.

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