Mods & Reconditioning

I’ve mentioned before that my car is almost bone stock with very little modification or reconditioning. So today I’ve decided to talk a little bit about what little mods have been done to the TSX. We’ll start with the reconditioning, which consists solely of the headlamps. I reconditioned them about 50,000 miles or so ago. 1B 1C1AYou can see that 300,000 miles worth of rock pitting really takes it’s toll on a set of headlamps. Notice it’s all pitting, & not oxidizing like a lot of other manufacturers lamps have the tendency to do. I reconditioned them myself using a couple of kits. There are a ton of kits available online now. They all seem to consist of the same process. Masking, sanding, buffing, polishing & sealing. I’ve even seen some videos of guys using toothpaste to take care of oxidizing. After several hours of hand sanding and using a buffing wheel & finally sealing, here are the results…  2B 2C 2AThis cost me about $50 and an afternoon to do. A loooong afternoon. It made a HUGE difference in the quality of lighting. I was really surprised at the difference. If you click on the pics and blow them up, you’ll see there are still some pits. These were the deepest pits that I just didn’t have the energy to sand out. But I did get about 95% of all the pits out of my lenses.  The alternative is replacing the lamp assembly, which currently on my TSX runs $435.90 each for OEM (plus labor). This has since become a booming business & you can most likely find several people in your area that offer this service. Most of the dealerships in my town also offer it. Depending on where you go or who you use, you’ll likely spend anywhere from $60-$120 for the pair. My advise is to pay someone else. They already have the equipment, they’ll have it done in less than half the time & your arms will thank you!

As far as modifications go, I basically replaced the tail lamp bulbs that just look a little different. But i wanted to show the difference in the back up lights. This is the stock bulbs which do a pretty good job of overall lighting whats behind your car. DSC06090But i have some tint on the windows and was looking for something a little brighter. So I found some high powered LED bulbs that act as mini spot lights. Check out the difference!DSC06091These bulbs concentrate the light right behind the car, which is where I need it when I’m backing up. They are crazy bright! I found them on ebay. On a side note, I always back into parking spaces rather than pull nose in. The reason is that you know there’s nothing in the space. Therefore it’s safer to back into the space, rather than backing out of the space not knowing (especially if you parked between two larger vehicles and can’t see) if another car is coming. It’s always safer to nose out of a spot. If people started doing this on a regular basis, it would take away quite a bit of my inspections. Especially around shopping seasons!

Lastly I wanted to share this guy….DSC06833I saw him mashed between a windshield reveal molding & an A-Pillar/Windshield post. I thought he was a dead wasp at first, but after using a card to pry him out I realized not only was he alive, but some kind of beetle. Any bug geeks out there know what he is? I’ve never seen one like this and thought he was pretty cool.

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9 Responses to Mods & Reconditioning

  1. Carlos says:

    I did this job on my headlights. Made a big difference at night. My problem was not so much rock pitting as oxidation and discoloration. My understanding is that the sun and its UV rays will discolor the plastic of the lenses.

    Great advice on backing up into a parking space. I hate backing out of a parking space when leaving. Even if you are a great driver, I believe it is one of the times you are most vulnerable to an accident. Fantastic advice.

    Come to think of it, my TSX has a a little damage on the body (trunk and side). ALL of it has been caused by me. And it happened two separate occasions and always when backing out.

  2. tysonhugie says:

    Great turnaround on those headlights. And wow, you’re right about the much-improved lighting output of the reverse lights with those new LED bulbs. I replaced my license light bulbs with LEDs awhile back but I hadn’t thought of doing the back-up lights. That is a weird bug!!

  3. guillermo says:

    Which kit did you use? In the past I did his to a toyota I owned, using the kit from 3m. It turned out great, but after 6 months the headlights were getting yellow again -I failed to seal them. The clean headlights make the car look like new!

    • clymerdude says:

      I used the 3M kit & another one from some guy out of Florida. I did a search for him but couldn’t find him. He must of got buried under all the new guys doing this. But I’d imagine any kit that comes with a sealer would suffice. But don’t skimp on the research.

  4. Carlos says:


    Isn’t there some kind of website or computer application where you can post the picture of the bug or any other image and the computer identifies it for you?

  5. Sam-I-Am says:

    I dig the headlight job. Well done, Josh! Pretty cool blog. Very motivating actually. Makes me want to get to work on my Harley projects! Sam in Meridian

    • clymerdude says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sam! It was cool shooting the breeze with you. After we spoke today, I was thinking about starting a new side category about Aquaponics and documenting my new greenhouse and it’s progress. Maybe in the next week or two…

      • Sam-I-Am says:

        Yeah, I was telling my wife about your aquarium fertilizer producer and she was amazed. You make our garden look pretty old school!

  6. pawela says:

    I think you just tricked us and took a photo of new lights you just installed. 🙂 The difference is like night and day…well done!

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