If It Wasnt for Bad Luck, This Guy Wouldn’t Have Any

So this week I was stuck in the office for 2 whole days for mandatory new software training. I would have much rather been driving the TSX. But early in the week I did get out and see some things. It’s not unusual that I see some strange, & sometimes sad things. For example, this 2003 Peterbilt 387 with a 60″ condo sleeper with double bunks. DSC06453The driver of this truck took excellent care of it. It had over 1 million miles on it. Which is not uncommon for these types of tractors. They are usually both the drivers source of income & their home away from home & are very expensive to maintain. A set of new tires alone can cost upward of $5,000, as there’s 10 of them & can run $450 – $550 per tire new. A motor rebuild, depending on if they’re rebuilding the top end/ head only, or a full overhaul, can cost between $13,000 – $30,000.DSC06455This truck had just had the clutch replaced for $850. The owner picked it up from the dealer and drove it about 1.2 miles to a Flying J gas/truck stop. The truck was parked and the driver was inside when it caught fire. By the time the fire was put out, this is all that was left of this faithful old workhorse. DSC06456I did my inspection at the police impound yard because it was thought that arson may have been a factor. Not the owner, but someone else as a month earlier another truck had mysteriously caught fire for no apparent reason at the same Flying J station. It’s still pending investigation results by the police.

To give you some breadth of the differences in losses I look at on a weekly basis, I’m sharing this little Nissan Rogue.DSC06052See that little black spot on the bumper between the grille & the headlamp? I drove 2 hours to Buhl, ID because this guy noticed this spot on his bumper when coming back out from the store. DSC06051Some rocks were kicked up and chipped his paint. True, it’s a much bigger paint chip than normal, but still just a paint chip and not vandalism as he thought it was. The cost of repair ended up being less than his deductible. So you have the Peterbilt & the Rogue, and everything in between.

DSC06887I ended the week in Wendell, ID looking at this red Parma Trailer behind the TSX. It had rolled over while the owner was harvesting corn, and then parked in the middle of this field to wait for inspection. It’s a very busy time of year for farmers out here.  I know Idaho is famous for it’s potatoes, in fact, it even says so on our state license plates “Famous Potatoes”. But the fact is that Idaho grows more corn than potatoes. We also grow a ton of sweet beets and onions out here.  When you drive thru some towns, like Payette, ID all you can smell is onions. Especially this time of year.

Coming back into town this afternoon, I once again past my favorite billboard.DSC04666

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7 Responses to If It Wasnt for Bad Luck, This Guy Wouldn’t Have Any

  1. Lisa McIntosh says:

    Its funny because Ga is the peach state but we grow more peanuts than anything!

  2. Carlos says:

    I didn’t know new truck tires were so expensive. No wonder I see a lot of trucks out there with bald tires.

  3. Carlos says:

    That billboard is awesome.

  4. James McClay says:

    Wait so how do I follow your blog again? I’ve seen that billboard, I think they made it specifically for me…

    • clymerdude says:

      I think there’s supposed to be a “Follow” button on the bottom right corner of the screen. click on it, put it your email & then confirm thru the email you get from my blog.

  5. tysonhugie says:

    Josh, I got a kick out of the fact that ID produces more corn than potatoes. That’s too bad about the old Peterbilt being put to rest after a million miles. TSX is looking good!

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