Years of Effort and Money down the drain

This week was pretty much run of the mill. So I’m going to share something I saw a couple months ago. I was sent to Cascade, ID to look at a Suburban that had rolled over on one of the mountain roads, & when I got to the tow yard, I saw this…DSC01751

You don’t see many of these old VW buses any more. It had been restored and modified with a “Pop Up” Camper roof. The owner had obviously spent a lot of money and time on this bus and was driving from his home in WA & was making his way thru Idaho. He decided to hit one of the local bars & drank too much. Driving back to his lodging he lost control and rolled his Bus. DSC01750In one night and a bad decision later, all that time and money went down the drain, and hippies everywhere died a little inside. Now, I’m not a VW fan at all, but I do appreciate & respect a good restoration. What a shame that this old bus is finally going to the scrap yard after all these years all because of an idiot drinking and driving.

The upside to this trip was I continued North to McCall to eat at “The Pancake House”20130828_141308If you’re ever in Idaho and are up in the McCall area, you owe it to yourself to stop and eat here. The place looks like a giant log cabin and the food is Awesome.20130828_141243I got there right around 3pm and just about had the place to myself. This place is famous for their cinnamon rolls which are the size of dinner plates. They also make these rolls to take & bake at home. They also serve breakfast all day which is a huge plus for me, as I’m a big breakfast food fan and could probably have breakfast a couple times a day. Every day! I usually either get “McCall’s Best Omelet” (sometime I have them make it into a huge burrito) or I’ll get their Reuben Sandwich. Mmmmmmmmm……..

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A Property Damage Appraiser in the State of Idaho.
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4 Responses to Years of Effort and Money down the drain

  1. Carlos says:

    I hope that VW bus did not belong to someone I knew once. He had same roof and color on the bus. And I remember he had restored it and modified it. He lived in Florida and California.

    If it was him, I hope he was not hurt.

    Josh, any status on the health of the driver?

  2. clymerdude says:

    The driver was fine. The irony is that drunk drivers usually walk away from the accidents as they’re all loosey goosey when they hit. It’s when you tense up and brace yourself for impact that causes all the physical damage on the minor-moderate impacts. The bus had Washington state plates on it.

  3. tysonhugie says:

    I guess 3 p.m. is a good time of day to show up at The Pancake House if you want the best service! That’s pretty awesome you had the place to yourself. Now you’ve got me craving breakfast for dinner… Dang you…

  4. Sam-I-Am says:

    Sad. What a cool slug-bus!

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