The Repo and the Washbowl

This Wednesday I had to drive out to Burley, ID to look at a repo that had been hit down the right side pretty hard. Then the owner, not having insurance, decided to just let the bank have it back. DSC05166Unfortunately this will effect the owners credit for quite some time & they’ll likely be liable for the cost of repairs to the bank anyway.  Sadly, I look at a lot more repo’s than I’d like to admit to.

But, it was an excuse to stop and see “The Devils Washbowl” again. DSC05180This waterfall lies just off the I-84 freeway at exit 147 between Twin Falls & Boise (closer to Twin). In fact, the freeway passes right over the Malad Gorge & the start of the waterfall. DSC05185If you blink, you miss it, as it’s one of the narrowest canyons in the state. “The Washbowl” is the pool at the bottom of the 60 ft waterfall. There is a foot bridge and a path to walk along to get a good view of the falls & washbowl. DSC05184This narrow canyon runs for miles. There are other smaller waterfalls that run into the river thru out it’s length. DSC05192

Check out the shear rock walls cut into the rock by hundreds of years of water erosion by the river.  Looking south down the canyon from the foot bridge is really something to see. Sadly, this year we haven’t had much rain. So the water level was pretty low. But the river is still going fairly strong for such a dry spell.DSC05190


It really is a beautiful canyon and worth the stop. Figure about 20 – 30 minutes out of your way. You’ll have to pay the $5 to see it as it sits inside a State Park & you’ll want to give yourself the time to walk the trail to get a proper view of the Washbowl. The bowl itself sits directly under the foot bridge. You can see the orange footbridge in the picture above of the falls and washbowl.DSC05187


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2 Responses to The Repo and the Washbowl

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Josh, that (rare) Bravada took a pretty hard hit! Can’t remember the last time I saw one of those. Devil’s Washbowl looks neat – do they allow recreation in there? I don’t see any people in swimsuits out there cooling off. Then again, the water doesn’t look all that clean.

  2. clymerdude says:

    Tyson, there is recreation. But it’s mostly kayakers & not that often. I’ve seen video of kayakers going down the bowl, but never seen any. Nor have I ever seen any swimmers. I’m not sure how to even get down there! But even if you did, there’s nowhere comfortable to hang out or even sit. They dont call it the Devils Washbowl for nothing. & you drove over it twice 🙂

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