Death of an AC Compressor

So this week I hit 375,000 miles and was time for another oil change. I was scheduled for Tuesday at Lyle Pearson Acura. I missed my appointment in the morning, but they made room for me in the afternoon despite them being extremely busy. As it turns out, it was also the day the AC stopped blowing cold. I was really hoping it was the condensor. Over the years it has taken a major beating thru the front bumper opening. DSC05555DSC05554You can see all the fins have basically been destroyed thru the bumper opening, and it looks like it’s been sandblasted. There’s almost a hard line where the damage stops above where the opening is. The fact that it is still hold any kind of pressure is a miracle of science. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. I’ve pulled tumble weeds, rocks, large insects & even birds out of this condensor (4 birds to be exact). I’ll get a better pic when it’s out of the car. But no, it wasn’t the condensor. Turns out the compressor finally seized up.

The good news is that it went out of commission at the tail end of summer. There’s only a week or two of 80’s and 90 degree weather left out here before it drops into the 70’s. So I’m going to wait until early spring to have everything replaced. I’ll also be replacing the condensor even tho it’s still holding pressure. When it’s out, I’ll be donating it to Science. Travis (My Service Manager) says to replace everything… Compressor, Clutch & Condensor with labor is about $1,880.00. So I’ll be able to put some money aside during the winter to cover it.

So 375,000 is how many miles I got out of my AC system. Not too bad. Well, pretty much anything that goes out on the car from this point on will have served me well. Other than the AC, everything checked out fine & I just needed an oil change. The latest service invoice is here. 09-13-2013 09;57;48PM

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7 Responses to Death of an AC Compressor

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Dang, 375k out of an original compressor – that’s pretty good! Knock on wood, I’m still on the original on the Legend. Amazing considering the workout that thing gets here in Arizona. I don’t blame you for holding off on the replacement until next spring. Do you run the existing tires on your TSX all year-round or put on something more aggressive for winter?

  2. clymerdude says:

    I’m actually surprised yours hasn’t gone out either Tyson! Still 105??? We dip down into the 70’s on Tuesday. Then we’re done with the summer heat this year. I’m so ready to complain about the cold. As far as tires go, I go thru a set a year & have it timed out to where I replace them Nov-Dec so I have fresh rubber for winter.

  3. pawela says:

    $1,800? Yup, I’d wait until next spring too. But that’s still impressive that the original compressor hung in there that long. Also, congrats on the 375K!

  4. Carlos says:

    Josh, do you know if the compressor only seized up or did part of it fall off? Where you aware that many 2004 Acura TSX vehicles had problems with their AC systems where part of the compressor falls off and the whole system is contaminated with a black substance? The problem is mostly seen in 2004 TSX cars.

  5. clymerdude says:

    No, it just seized up. everything’s where it should be. I didn’t know about the problems with the 2004’s. What year is your TSX?

  6. Carlos says:

    I also have a 2005 Acura TSX.

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