Indian Giver Makes Good

As you’ve read before, the TSX was originally a wedding gift for the wifey. She had it the first year, and then I kinda stole it back. Since then, I’ve promised I’d one day make it right & replace the car with something just for her. Well, I’d still have access to it if I needed it. But it would be HER vehicle. So here we are, almost 8 years later, I was able to fulfill that promise. She picked out exactly what she wanted. The dealer didn’t have it on hand, so it went on order.

So on 9/5/13 I got the call that it showed up after 3 weeks of waiting.DSC04659

A 2014 RDX AWD w/Tech in Forged Silver on Ebony. I stopped by the dealer that morning before heading out to Ketchum (3 & 1/2 hrs away) to look at a car for work, so I could take a couple quick pics while it was waiting for it’s Pre-Delivery Inspection.DSC04661

I texted her the pics to let her know her RDX showed up & that we would pick it up in the morning. She was a happy camper.

I had Travis in service pre- order some accessories ahead of time so that Master Tech Craig Hoogland (who’s been working on my car since it had 80k miles on it) could install them for us during the PDI. We got the protection package which includes the mudguards, all weather mats and wheel locks. She also wanted the rear seat cover, which is made of some kind of neoprene. And she also opted for the rear cargo liner which has a nice flap that hangs over the rear bumper to protect it from the loading & unloading of the stroller & other items. The automatic gate is also nice when you’re holding a squirming 9 month old.DSC04734

So Friday morning we piled into the TSX and went down to my favorite dealer. Lyle Pearson Acura to do the paperwork for Josie’s RDX. The whole process didn’t take very long. A little paperwork with our salesman Mike Hazel, then into finance.DSC04731

My son Luke killed the time by grazing on Josie’s Purse strap. Every body was impressed on how well he behaved the entire time we were there. He didn’t fuss at all. It must have been all the new Acura’s that kept him happy.

I’ve purchased 4 new vehicles in my time (A ’95 civic coupe when I was 19, An ’02 TL Type S when I was 26, the ’05 TSX when I was 29 & now the ’14 RDX & I’m now 38) I found that it’s become a personal challenge for me to beat my previous time to be in & out of finance.DSC04773

Yes, I actually time the finance guy on my phone. I set up the timer & set it on his desk so he sees it. This way he can see I’m not in there to play around. & if he asks what it’s about, I tell him I’m not in there to play around and inform him of his time to beat. This time however I wasn’t obvious about it. My past record was 28 minutes and change. This guy smoked that time as you can see on the timer. We even shot the breeze for a good 5 or 6 minutes. I’ll be hard pressed to beat this time on the next new car!

After I came out of finance, it was time for Salesman Extraordinaire Mike Hazel to show Josie how everything worked & get her personal setting completed and then  pair her phone to the RDX so she can take calls with out having to mess with her phone. All she has to do is push a button on the steering wheel and she’s talking thru the RDX’s system. Maybe now she’ll answer the phone when I call…

Pairing the phone was taking a little longer than usual, so Mike drove around to service to have “Upper Management” Travis Davidson Himself get it set up. He had it up and running in no time.DSC04736

I don’t call him “T-Blaze” for nothing!

With everything dialed in we were ready for the big moment, time to drive her home! First we documented the odometer…DSC04737We took delivery with only 5 miles on her. Then the official key hand off.DSC04741

Mike did a great Job with taking the time to make sure Josie knew how to work everything in her new vehicle. He’s an excellent salesman. He knows his stuff & he’s an Acura owner himself. He drives an 2012 TL. I’d also Like to thank Sales Manager Royce West (I’ll have to get a pic of him in here soon) for doing most of the legwork for me. I’ve been coming to this Dealership for about 8 years for service, and this was the first time I’ve bought a vehicle here. He went out of his way to make sure that my experience was smooth and silky. So a big thank You to both Royce & Mike for this day. You made The Princess very happy!DSC04739

With Luke all strapped in, it was time to head home. Josie was a little nervous driving it home for the first time. But I had to go do inspections & earn that first payment, so she had to do it herself. What a shame right?DSC04740She did just fine. The night before we moved some things around in the garage to make room for the new ride. We still need to move some stuff around, but here they are. Snug as a bug in a rug.DSC04803I’m guessing she drives about 2-3 thousand miles a year. The polar opposite of me. Every once in a while I’ll post an updated odometer shot of the RDX to let you know where she’s at. The only time I’ll be driving it is when I need to do a winter run in the mountains, like McCall or Salmon Idaho. Somewhere that AWD will get a work out. Or when we go somewhere as a family. But for the most part, this is where the RDX will spend most of it’s time. It almost seems like a shame. But a happy wife = happy life.

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1 Response to Indian Giver Makes Good

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Now that’s a great looking garage – you’re the envy of the neighborhood now. Congrats on the gorgeous new RDX! Sounds like T Blaze and the rest of the crew at Lyle Pearson took good care of you on this one. The color you guys picked is striking. Depending on which picture I’m looking at, it appears like a totally different shade! Sometimes gray, sometimes blue, sometimes even a hint of purple. Nice choice either way – Josie & the kids will surely enjoy it!

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