The Maintenance

My Motor

My Motor

The key to successfully getting 300,000 miles + out of your car is simply regular maintenance & care. Since the day I bought the car new, it has only ever been serviced by Acura Dealers. Due to some skeptics I’ve talked to in the past (about never having to rebuild the motor or anything else major) I’ve decided to post all of the maintenance records I could find for my car.   maintenance log 2006

Remember, this car started as a gift & I wasn’t using it for business it’s first year. I was living in Riverside, CA at the time, where I originally bought the car. It only had 3 oil changes by the time I took it over. Still, in the effort to be as thorough as possible,  I recently called Acura of Riverside in CA and spoke with the service manager there and told him that i was looking for any of my old service records & why. Sadly, the past franchise owner I had purchased the TSX from went bankrupt a couple years ago. The new owner had recently put an all new updated system in, and all the old records were lost. I cant remember his name, but wanted to thank the service manager of Riverside, CA Acura for humoring my odd request and checking into archives to make sure there wasn’t anything in the old database for me.    maintenance log 2007

The other reason the records don’t start until May of ’06 @ 25k miles, is that when I first started keeping receipts and mileage logs for tax purposes, I decided to go the “mileage deduction” route for obvious reasons. So I couldn’t write off the maintenance of the car and as a result didn’t save all the early invoices from Lyle Pearson Acura here in Boise. It wasn’t until May that I decided to start keeping the invoices anyway.  maintenance log 2008

I’m sure you noticed that at the end of every paragraph, I’ve put a link to the individual years of my maintenance logs in pdf format for anyone who would like to peruse them. There may be a couple missing, but I’m confident that for the most part, they are pretty much all there. I tried getting the car in for service every 5,000 miles. It didn’t always work, with a busy schedule on my part.    maintenance log 2009

The Dynamic Duo. The service writers at Lyle Pearson Acura in Boise. It’s their job to make sure my TSX sees 500,000 miles. Left is Service Manager Travis Davidson & Right is Trevor Hopkins. A.K.A. “T-Blaze & The Strap”.


I knew getting all of these records together would be quite time consuming, so I enlisted Travis, the Lyle Pearson Service Manager, for help in getting copies of all my maintenance history. You’ll notice that the invoices are 2 different colors. White & Pink. White are the invoices Travis provided & the pink ones are the original hard copies from my records. So a big thank you to Travis (or who ever he made do this slave labor) for making this part of my blog a little easier.  Lyle Pearson Acura, in keeping up with the times, has also updated their software in service and so have lost the very earliest of my service records in the swap.    maintenance log 2010

As you can see going thru all these invoices, there’s no engine swaps, rebuilds or any other major work. In fact the only problems/ or things I just plain wore out, were the door lock actuators, serpentine belt bearing, cooling fan motor and the starter. I replaced the starter because it was starting to slow down. Meaning it took a few extra seconds to start then it used to. It still actually worked just fine. It lasted to 330,000 miles! Now, I start this car on average 5 times a day (on the very low side) for the last almost 7 years. That’s about 13,000 times this starter had got me going before I replaced it. Not too shabby.   maintenance log 2011

So now we’re down to last year & the current year. You’ll notice it’s still pretty much business as usual. I haven’t done any mods to the car. It’s all dead stock. With the only exception being some tail light bulbs & reverse light bulbs.      maintenance log 2012

The last & most current invoices you’ll notice I haven’t driven nearly as much as years past. I had a huge account/claim come thru my office and it’s been going on from Dec ’12 – present. I had to hire 3 extra guys at one point  and had to play boss for a few months in the office. But things have settled down some & I’m back in the field myself now. So this post will end with a special thanks to everyone who took the time to actually read thru all these invoices. It literally took hours to put all these together. So thank You!   maintenance log 2013

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5 Responses to The Maintenance

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Josh, this is great! The ultimate maintenance library for any owner of the 2004-2008 who is looking to get maximum longevity out of his/her car. Awesome that you took the time to assemble and scan all of these for the benefit of other Acura owners. Bravo.

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  3. clymerdude says:

    Hi, I’m showing someone is trying to comment on the maintenance section on my blog but it’s showing the text I wrote on the tsx forum. maybe you could message or email me? thanks

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  5. Visit says:

    Maintenance is very important for a car to travel long distance. I have gone through your blogs and I found you loves travelling in car.

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